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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Estonian Language

Want to find out how to say the actual contact numbers in Estonian? You may have to add up to Twelve in Estonian. We certainly have listed the two written pronunciations of how to talk about the figures in Estonian language. We are able to in fact demonstrate ways to say major figures in Estonian successfully. Learn More

List of Numbers in Estonian Language

We now have all the Estonian numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, shown below that you will want to know. More …

Estonian Language Words

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To help make counting the particular numbers when it comes to Estonian easier for you, we certainly have broken down the numbers in to scaled-down areas. Every one of these web pages include a brief video you can enjoy to learn the right pronunciation.
0null (nool)
1üks (ewks)
2kaks (kahks)
3kolm (kohlm)
4neli (NEH-lee)
5viis (veess)
6kuus (kooss)
7seitse (SAYT-seh)
8kaheksa (KAH-hek-sah)
9üheksa (EW-hek-sah)
10kümme (KEWM-meh)
11üksteist (EWKS-tayst)
12kaksteist (KAHKS-tayst)
13kolmteist (KOHLM-tayst)
14neliteist (NEH-lee-tayst)
15viisteist (VEESS-tayst)
16kuusteist (KOOSS-tayst)
17seitseteist (SAYT-seh-tayst)
18kaheksateist (KAH-hek-sah-tayst)
19üheksateist (EW-hek-sah-tayst)
20kakskümmend (KAHKS-kewm-mend)
21kakskümmend üks (KAHKS-kewm-mend EWKS)
22kakskümmend kaks (KAHKS-kewm-mend KAHKS)
23kakskümmend kolm (KAHKS-kewm-mend KOHLM)
30kolmkümmend (KOHLM-kewm-mend)
40nelikümmend (NEH-lee-kewm-mend)
50viiskümmend (VEESS-kewm-mend)
60kuuskümmend (KOOSS-kewm-mend)
70seitsekümmend (SAYT-seh-kewm-mend)
80kaheksakümmend (KAH-hek-sah-kewm-mend)
90üheksakümmend (EW-hek-sah-kewm-mend)
100sada (SAH-dah)
200kakssada (KAHKS-sah-dah)
300kolmsada (KOHLM-sah-dah)
1000tuhat (TOO-haht)
2000kaks tuhat (KAHKS TOO-haht)
1,000,000miljon (MEEL-yohn)
1,000,000,000miljard (MEEL-yahrd)
1,000,000,000,000biljon (BEEL-yohn)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)number _____ (NOOM-behr _____)
halfpool (pohl)
lessvähem (VA-hehm)
moreenam (EH-nahm)

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to view a number of useful Estonian travel phrases that are arranged by category. For every holiday word or phrase in Estonian, you will find the English translation.

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