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About Ordering Food in Estonian

Hungry? How to start ordering food in Estonian? These are typically a lot of the questions you will have whenever going in a Estonian speaking region. Learn More

Regardless if you are going to live in a Estonian speaking country or planning on a short trip there, discovering how to purchase meals in Estonian is necessary. Dining out at Estonian eateries and bistros is usually a lot of fun, particularly if you fully understand some fundamental Estonian restaurant words. More …
Estonian Language Words

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We’ve got listed several familiar food relevant keyword phrases in Estonian, here, with the hope they are able to help you when you’re buying meals in Estonian.

Speaking Estonian When Eating Out

Please click here to know the Estonian dinner key phrases quite easily you can use for buying food in Estonian dining places and cafes.

A table for one person/two people, please.Laud ühele/kahele (inimesele), palun. (LAH-ood EW-heh-leh/KAH-heh-leh (IH-nih-meh-seh-leh), PAH-loon)
Can I look at the menu, please?Kas ma saaksin vaadata menüüd, palun? (kahs mah TOH-hihn VAA-dah-tah MEH-newwd, PAH-loon)
Can I look in the kitchen?Kas ma tohin vaadata köögis? (kahs mah TOH-hihn VAA-dah-tah KEHH-gihs?)
Is there a house specialty?Kas teil on eriroog? (...)
Is there a local specialty?Kas teil on kohalik eriroog? (...)
I'm a vegetarian.Ma olen taimetoitlane. (...)
I don't eat pork.Ma ei söö sealiha. (...)
I don't eat beef.Ma ei söö veiseliha. (...)
I only eat kosher food.Ma söön ainult koššertoitu. (...)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Kas te saate teha seda väherasvaseks, palun? (...)
fixed-price mealfixed-price meal (...)
à la carteà la carte (...)
lunchlõuna(söök) (...)
tea (meal)tee (...)
supperõhtusöök (...)
I want _____.Ma soovin _____. (...)
I want a dish containing _____.Ma soovin rooga milles oleks _____. (...)
chickenkana (...)
beefveiseliha (it is often simply called "loomaliha" (animal/cattle meat)) (...)
fishkala (')
hamsink (...)
sausagevorst (...)
cheesejuust (CHOO-st)
eggsmunad (...)
saladsalat (...)
(fresh) vegetables(värsked) köögiviljad ("juurviljad" referres to vegetables the tubers or roots of which are eaten like potatoes or beetroot) (...)
(fresh) fruit(värsked) puuviljad (...)
breadleib (laib)
toaströstsai (...)
noodlesnuudlid (NUH-dlihd)
riceriis (')
beansoad (oahd)
May I have a glass of _____?Kas ma saaksin klaasi _____? (...)
May I have a cup of _____?Kas ma saaksin kruusi _____? (...)
May I have a bottle of _____?Kas ma saaksin pudeli _____? (...)
coffeekohv (...)
tea (drink)tee (...)
juicemahl ("jook" referres to light juice)(...)
(bubbly) water(gaseeritud) vesi (...)
watervesi (...)
beerõlu (...)
red/white winepunane/valge vein (PUH-nahne/vahl-geh vain)
May I have some _____?Kas ma saaksin natuke _____? (KAH-s mah SHAK-sin nah-too-ke ____?)
saltsool (soel)
black peppermust pipar (MOO-st pee-par)
buttervõi (...)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Vabandage, kelner? (...)
I'm finished.Ma olen lõpetanud. (...)
It was delicious.See oli maitsev. (sehh OH-lih MAIT-sehv)
Please clear the plates.Palun koristage taldrikud (ära). (PAH-loon KOH-rihs-tah-geh TAHL-drih-kood ('A-rah')
The check, please.Arve, palun. (AHR-veh, PAH-loon)

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