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Common Signs in Hebrew Language

Thinking to travel to a Hebrew speaking state? Have you considered if you are going to have enough knowledge to understand the roads warning signs in Hebrew or maybe the common signs inside an airport of your holiday? Learn More

Our normal signs in Hebrew details widely used symbols in public places and common street signs in Israel. It’s important to get familiar with a majority of these signs prior to visiting a Hebrew speaking place, as it can make it easier when you are driving a vehicle or going for a walk, assist you in an urgent situation situation, or even just help make your life simpler when touring Israel or any other country where people talk the Hebrew language. More Info
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List of Common Signs in Hebrew Language

OPENפתוח (patuah - pah-TU-akh)
CLOSEDסגור (sagur - sah-GUR)
ENTRANCEכניסה (knisah - k-nee-SAH)
EXITיציאה (yetsi'ah - yet-see-AH)
PUSHדחוף (dhof - d-KHOF)
PULLמשוך (mshoh - m-SHOKH)
TOILETשרותים (sherutim - sher-oo-TEEM)
MENגברים (gvarim - g-va-REEM)
WOMENנשים (nashim - nah-SHEEM)
FORBIDDENאסור (asur - ah-SOOR)

Select the links directly below to find out a number of beneficial Hebrew travel phrases which you’ll find organized by group. For each travel phrase in Hebrew, you will see the actual English interpretation.

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