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How do we say the Days of the week in Hebrew language

If you are travelling in Israel and someone actually asks you in Hebrew “what day is it today?” you will need to recognize how to give the days of the 7 days in Hebrew simply. What the person asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You’ll want to write the time in Hebrew perhaps. Start using our day time sentences in Hebrew beneath to determine the full week days in Hebrew. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Hebrew

Except for Shabbat, these are ordinal numbers. But both these and the names of the first 6 letters in the Hebrew Alfa-Beit are used.
Sundayיום ראשון (yom rishon - yohm ree-SHOHN)
Mondayיום שני (yom sheni - yohm shey-NEE)
Tuesdayיום שלישי (yom shlishi - yohm shlee-SHEE)
Wednesdayיום רביעי (yom revi`i - yohm rvee-EE)
Thursdayיום חמישי (yom hamishi - yohm khah-mee-SHEE)
Fridayיום ששי (yom shishi - yohm shee-SHEE)
Saturdayשבת (shabat - shah-BAHT)

Months in Hebrew Language

In everyday life, most Israelis use the Gregorian Calendar. The month names pronunciation resembles Central-European (e.g. German) pronunciation.
Januaryינואר ("Yanuar")
Februaryפברואר ("Februar")
Marchמרץ ("Merts")
Aprilאפריל ("April")
Mayמאי ("May - Mah-ee)
Juneיוני ("Yuni - Yuh-nee")
Julyיולי ("Yuli - Yuh-lee")
Augustאוגוסט ("Ogust - O-guh-st")
Septemberספטמבר ("September")
Octoberאוקטובר ("October")
Novemberנובמבר ("November")
Decemberדצמבר ("Detsember")
For holidays and events, Israeli Jews and Jews worldwide use a lunisolar calendar, in which the month begins at the new moon and a thirteenth month is added every few years.
The months start with Tishrei (Sept.-Oct.) and run through Elul (August-September); thus Elul 5760 is followed by Tishrei 5761. "Aviv," the word for "spring,"
is sometimes substituted for "Nisan" and is also the name of a stage that the growth of barley reaches at that time.
Tishreiתשרי (tishrey - tish-REY)
Heshvanחשון (heshvan - kḥesh-VAN, also מרחשון mar-khash-VAN)
Kislevכסלו (kislev - kis-LEV)
Tevetטבת (tevet - teh-VET)
Shevatשבט (shevat - SHVAT)
Adarאדר (adar - ah-DAR)
Second Adar (the leap month)אדר שני (adar sheni - ah-DAR shey-NEE) or אדר ב (adar beth - ah-DAR beth)
Nissanניסן (nisan - nee-SAHN)
Iyarאייר (iyar - ee-YAHR)
Sivanסיון (sivan - see-VAHN)
Tammuzתמוז (tamuz - tah-MOOZ)
Avאב (av - ahv)
Elulאלול (elul - eh-LOOL)

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