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Alphabet in Hebrew Language

Understanding the Hebrew alphabet is crucial in mastering the Hebrew Language. Hebrew alphabet configuration is put into use in a daily conversation. Without the Hebrew alphabet, it is impossible to say the Hebrew terms properly even if a person learn how to write those terms in Hebrew. Learn More

As with any language, the better a person pronounce a letter in a word, the better grasped you’ll be in speaking the Hebrew language. Listed here are links which redirects you to the Hebrew alphabet and how it is actually pronounced in English.
Hebrew Language Words

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The Hebrew alphabet consists entirely of consonants (an abjad), though some can function as vowels. Vowels are indicated with a system of dots and dashes next to the letters, but these are normally omitted
except in Bibles and children's books. It is common for words, especially foreign words, to be spelled in more than one way; the Abu-l`afia Synagogue has five different spellings of its name on its signs.
The stress is usually on the last syllable; most of the exceptions are segol-ates (words in which segol, the /e/-sound), such as elef "thousand". Some words have a diphthong "ua" or "ia"
which is one syllable but sounds like two, like English "oil". This is called patah gnuva "stolen /a/-sound" and occurs in שבוע shavua[`] "week", which is stressed on the -u-.
In conversational Hebrew, only three letters (בכפ) are pronounced differently when they contain a dot in the center called a dagesh.
Five letters (מנצפכ) have a different form at the end of a word (םןץףך, respectively). These are named by adding סופית (sofit - so-FEET) "final" to the name of the letter, e.g. נון סופית (nun sofit - noon so-feet)
alef (', a) א
glottal-stop (IPA: /ʔ/)
or silent (sometimes used as the letter a when rendering English in Hebrew)

Vowels in Hebrew Alphabet

Consonants in Hebrew Alphabet

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Hebrew Alphabet

Iאני (ani - ah-NEE)
You (singular, masc.)אתה (atah - ah-TAH)
You (singular, fem.)את (at - aht)
Heהוא (hu - hoo)
Sheהיא (hi - hee)
Weאנחנו (anahnu - ah-NAKH-noo)
You (plural, masc.)אתם (atem - ah-TEM)
You (plural, fem.)אתן (aten - ah-TEN)
They (plural, masc.)הם (hem - hem)
They (plural, fem.)הן (hen - hen)

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