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Dealing With Authorities in Hebrew Language

When you’re venturing in Israel or perhaps any region where men and women communicate in Hebrew and you’re in an emergency situation, experiencing authorities just like the police in Hebrew can be challenging. You simply must learn no less than the basic Hebrew sentences when it comes to crisis situations to help you get hold of your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Hebrew Phrases For Emergencies

Hebrew Language Words

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I haven't done anything [wrong]לא עשיתי שום דבר (Lo asiti shoom d'var)
It was a misunderstanding.היה אי-הבנה (haya ee-havana)
Where are you taking me?לען אתם לוקחים אותי? (Le'an atem lohim otee)
Am I under arrest?האם אני במעצר? (ha'im ani b'matzar?)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian Citizenאני תושב אמריקה/אוסטרליה/בריטניה/קנדה (Ani toshav amereeka/oostralia/breetaniya/kanada)
I want to talk to a lawyerאני רוצה לדבר אם אורך דין (Ani rotze (m.)/rotza (f.) l'daber eem oreh deen)

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