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Learn How to Say Numbers in Hebrew Language

Want to find out the way to pronounce the phone numbers in Hebrew? You may need to count up to Twenty in Hebrew. We certainly have included the two written pronunciations of methods to say typically the numbers in Hebrew language. We are able to also explain to you the right way to tell you large numbers in Hebrew quickly. Learn More

List of Numbers in Hebrew Language

Now we have pretty much all the Hebrew numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, directly below that you will want to read. More …

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To help make counting the numbers found in Hebrew simpler for you, we certainly have categorised the numbers in to smaller-sized parts. Every one of these pages include a brief video tutorial you can view to determine the best pronunciation.
Hebrew has no true neuter. As such, numbers must agree with the subject in gender. When not describing a subject, the feminine is used (מספר סתמי).
0אפס (efes - EH-fess)
1אחת (ahat - ah-KHAT) masc.: אחד (eh-KHAD)
2שתיים (shtayim - SHTAH-yeem) masc.: שניים (sh-NA-yim)
3שלוש (shalosh - shah-LOSH) masc.: שלושה (shlo-SHAH)
4ארבע (arba[`] - AHR-bah) masc.: ארבעה (ahr-ba-AH)
5חמש (hamesh - khah-MESH) masc.: חמשה (khah-mee-SHAH)
6שש (shesh - shesh) masc.: ששה (shi-SHAH)
7שבע (sheva[`] - SHEH-vah) masc.: שבעה (shiv-AH)
8שמונה (shmoneh - shmo-NEH) masc.: שמונה (shmo-NAH)
9תשע (tesha[`] - TEY-shah) masc.: תשעה (tish-AH)
10עשר ('eser - EH-sehr) masc.: עשרה (ah-sa-RAH)
11אחת עשרה (ahat-`esreh - ah-khat es-REH) masc.: אחד עשר (ah-KHAD ah-SAR)
12שתים עשרה (shtem-`esreh - shtem es-REH) masc.: שניים עשר (SHNEH-yim ah-SAR)
13שלוש עשרה (shlosh-`esreh - shlosh es-REH) masc.: שלושה עשר (shlo-SHAH ah-SAR)
14ארבע עשרה (arba'-`esreh - ar-bah es-REH) masc.: ארבעה עשר (ar-ba-AH ah-SAR)
15חמש עשרה (hamesh-'esreh - kha-mesh es-REH) masc.: חמשה עשר (kha-mi-SHAH ah-SAR)
16שש עשרה (shesh-`esreh - shesh es-REH) masc.: ששה עשר (shi-SHAH ah-SAR)
17שבע עשרה (shva[`]-`esreh - shva es-REH) masc.: שבעה עשר (shiv-AH ah-SAR)
18שמונה עשרה (shmonah-`esreh - shmo-nah es-REH) masc.: שמונה עשר (shmo-NAH ah-SAR)
19תשע עשרה (tshah-'esreh - tshah es-REH) masc.: תשעה עשר (tish-AH ah-SAR)
20עשרים (`esrim - es-REEM) (m./f.)
25עשרים וחמש (`esrim vehamesh - es-REEM ve-khah-MESH) masc.: עשרים וחמשה (esrim VEhami-SHA
30שלשים (shloshim - shlo-SHEEM)
40ארבעים (arba`im - ar-bah-EEM)
50חמשים (hamishim - khah-mee-SHEEM)
60ששים (shishim - shee-SHEEM)
70שבעים (shiv`im - shiv-EEM)
80שמונים (shmonim - shmo-NEEM)
90תשעים (tish`im - tish-EEM)
100מאה (me'ah - MEH-'ah)
200מאתיים (matayim - m'ah-TAH-yeem)
300שלש מאות (shlosh-me'ot - sh-LOSH meh-'OHT)
1000אלף (elef - EH-lef)
1אחוז (ahuz - ah-KHOOZ ah-KHAD, masc.)
5חמישה אחוזים (hamishah ahuzim - kha-misha ah-KHOOZIM)
100מאה אחוזים (me'ah ahuzim - MEH-'ah ah-khoo-ZIM)
Halfחצי (hetsi - KHE-tsee)
Quarterרבע (reva[`] - REH-vah)
Moreיותר (yoter - yoh-TEHR)
Lessפחות (pahot - pah-KHOHT)

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