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About Ordering Food in Hebrew

Hungry? How to go about buying meals in Hebrew? These are typically a few of the inquiries you’ll have when going in a Hebrew speaking destination. Learn More

Whether you are about to reside in a Hebrew speaking country or going on a short visit there, learning how to get food in Hebrew is very important. Going out at Hebrew restaurants and cafes is definitely a lot of excitement, especially if you fully understand some basic Hebrew restaurant words. More …
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Now we have detailed several usual meal related words in Hebrew, listed below, hoping they may help you when you’re getting food items in Hebrew.

Speaking Hebrew When Eating Out

Please click here to find out the Hebrew meals phrases easily which you can use when it comes to ordering dinner in Hebrew dining establishments and cafes.

In Israel, many restaurants and eating places are kosher meaning that they observe the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut. For a restaurant to be officially kosher and have a Kosher Certificate, in addition to serving only correctly prepared kosher food, it must also not open on the Shabbat - from sundown on Friday through sundown on Saturday.
In many places in Israel such as Tel Aviv, there are non-kosher restaurants that will open on Shabbat and will serve non-kosher food (e.g. the restaurant serves both meat and milk dishes). Comparatively few places serve non-kosher food items like pork.
In some religious villages and small towns there are very few if any places that open on Shabbat.
A table for one person/two people, please.בבקשה, שולחן לאחד /לשניים (b-vakasha shulhan l'ehad/ lishnayim b'vakaSHA, shulKHAN l'ekhAD/ lishnAIYM)
Can I look at the menu, please?אפשר תפריט בבקשה (Efshar tafrit, b'vakasha?)
I'm a vegetarian.אני צמחוני /אני צמחונית (Ani tsimhoni (masc)/ Ani tsimhonit (fem))
I don't eat beef.אני לא אוכל/ אני לא אוכלת בקר (Ani lo okhel bakar (masc)/ Ani lo okhelet bakar(fem))
I only eat kosher food.אני אוכל /אוכלת רק אוכל כשר (Ani okhel (masc)/okhelet (fem) raq okhel kasher)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)אפשר עם פחות שמן בבקשה (Efshar `im pahot shemen bevakashah)
breakfastארוחת בוקר (Aruhat boqer)
lunchארוחת צהריים (Aruhat tsohorayim)
supperארוחת ערב (Aruhat `erev)
I want _____.אני רוצה _____. (Ani rotseh (masc); Ani rotsah (fem))
I would like to eat _____.אני רוצה לאכול _____. (Ani rotseh/ rotsah le'ekhol)
chickenעוף (`Off)
beefבקר (Baqar)
fishדג (Dag)
cheeseגבינה (Gvinah)
eggsביצה (Beitsah)
saladסלט (Salat)
(fresh) vegetablesירקות (Y-raqot)
(fresh) fruitפירות (Peirot)
breadלחם (Lehem)
toastטוסט (Tost)
noodlesנודלז (Nudelz)
pastaפסטה (Pastah)
riceאורז (Orez)
chickpeasחומוס (humus) / hummus: חומוס (humus)
May I have a glass of _____?אפשר כוס (Efshar qos)
May I have a cup of _____?אפשר כוס (Efshar qos)
May I have a bottle of _____?אפשר בקבוק (Efshar baqbuq)
...coffee...קפה (Kafeh)
...tea (drink)תה (Teh)
...juice...מיץ (Mits)
...(bubbly) water...סודה (Sodah)
...water...מים (Mayim)
...beer...בירה (Birah)
...red/white wine...יין אדום. יין לבן (Yain adom / Yain lavan)
May I have some _____?אפשר (Efshar)
saltמלח (Melah)
black pepperפלפל שחור (Pilpel shahor)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)סליחה (Slihah)
I'm finished.סיימתי (Siamti)
It was delicious.היה מצוין (Hayah metsuyan)
Please clear the plates.אפשר לפנות (Efshar l-fanot)
The check, please.אפשר חשבון, בבקשה (Efshar heshbon, b-vakasha)
Where is the bathroom ?איפה השירותים ? (Eifo Hasherutim?)

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