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About Months in Hebrew Language

Knowing the correct way to determine the months in Hebrew is very valuable and generally be regarded as basic Hebrew vocabulary. We certainly have detailed the actual months in Hebrew language beneath to enable you articulate the months in Hebrew. Learn More

List of the Months in Hebrew

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In everyday life, most Israelis use the Gregorian Calendar. The month names pronunciation resembles Central-European (e.g. German) pronunciation.
Januaryינואר ("Yanuar")
Februaryפברואר ("Februar")
Marchמרץ ("Merts")
Aprilאפריל ("April")
Mayמאי ("May - Mah-ee)
Juneיוני ("Yuni - Yuh-nee")
Julyיולי ("Yuli - Yuh-lee")
Augustאוגוסט ("Ogust - O-guh-st")
Septemberספטמבר ("September")
Octoberאוקטובר ("October")
Novemberנובמבר ("November")
Decemberדצמבר ("Detsember")
For holidays and events, Israeli Jews and Jews worldwide use a lunisolar calendar, in which the month begins at the new moon and a thirteenth month is added every few years.
The months start with Tishrei (Sept.-Oct.) and run through Elul (August-September); thus Elul 5760 is followed by Tishrei 5761. "Aviv," the word for "spring,"
is sometimes substituted for "Nisan" and is also the name of a stage that the growth of barley reaches at that time.
Tishreiתשרי (tishrey - tish-REY)
Heshvanחשון (heshvan - kḥesh-VAN, also מרחשון mar-khash-VAN)
Kislevכסלו (kislev - kis-LEV)
Tevetטבת (tevet - teh-VET)
Shevatשבט (shevat - SHVAT)
Adarאדר (adar - ah-DAR)
Second Adar (the leap month)אדר שני (adar sheni - ah-DAR shey-NEE) or אדר ב (adar beth - ah-DAR beth)
Nissanניסן (nisan - nee-SAHN)
Iyarאייר (iyar - ee-YAHR)
Sivanסיון (sivan - see-VAHN)
Tammuzתמוז (tamuz - tah-MOOZ)
Avאב (av - ahv)
Elulאלול (elul - eh-LOOL)

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