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Hebrew is truly a Very romantic language. This started in Israel however , spoken in a range of cities world wide. Regions and cities that speak Hebrew includes Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Hebrew colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Hebrew Guiana in South America; Tahiti and various other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Hebrew is definitely employed as the language of global diplomacy and communication, even though replaced usually by English since World War II, it remains socially de rigueur, needed by etiquette, for proficient people around the world to receive some sort of level of basic Hebrew ability.

Learn to Speak Hebrew Language Phrases

Do you wish to quickly learn how to converse in Hebrew language, when just beginning? Or maybe have to remember the Hebrew phrases you had mastered years ago? From navigating around on public transport to purchasing dinner in a local restaurant in Israel or any nation where they speak the Hebrew Language, understand essential Hebrew phrases here to make your tour better.

Hebrew Language Words

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Hebrew verbs conjugate according to the gender of the sentence's subject: different verb forms must thus be used when referring to men and women. These have been noted below when appropriate.
Hello. (Peace).שלום (shalom - shah-LOHM) / The Hebrew greeting, literally "peace." The English "Hi" is also used.
Bye. (Peace).שלום (shalom - shah-LOHM) Yes, the greeting is the same for the start and end of conversation. See also "See you later".
See you later..להתראות (lehitra'ot - leh-hit-rah-'OHT) / The most common farewell greeting, besides the English "Bye". Again, the English "Bye" is also used.
Good morning..בוקר טוב (boker tov - BOH-ker TOHV)
Good afternoon..צהריים טובים (tsohorayim tovim - tsoh-hoh-RAH-yeem toh-VEEM) (literally: "good noon", afternoon is אחר-צהריים - ahar tsohorayim tovim - aKHAR tsoh-hoh-RAH-yeem toh-VEEM)
Good evening..ערב טוב (`erev tov - EH-rev TOHV)
Good night..לילה טוב (laylah tov - LIGH-lah TOHV)
How are you? (What's your wellbeing/peace?)- addressing to a man.‫מה שלומך?‬ (mah shlomkha? - mah shlom-KHAH)
How are you? (What's your wellbeing/peace?)- addressing to a woman.‫מה שלומך?‬ (mah shlomekh? - mah shloh-MEKH)
How are you? (What's being heard?).‫מה נשמע?‬ (mah nishma[`]? - mah nish-MAH)
What's up? (What's happening?).?מה קורה (mah koreh? - mah kor-EH)
What's up #2? (What are the matters?).?מה העיניינים (mah ha-`inyanim? - mah ha-`in-ya-NIM?)
Thank you..תודה (todah - toh-DAH)
Please/ You're welcome (In request)..בבקשה (bevakashah - be-vah-kuh-SHAH)
Excuse me. (Forgiveness).סליחה (slihah - slee-KHAH)
I don't understand. (said by a man)..אני לא מבין (ani lo mevin - ahni loh meh-VEEN)
I don't understand. (said by a woman)..אני לא מבינה (ani lo mevinah - ahni loh meh-VEENA)
What is your name? (said to a man).?מה שמך (ma shimkha)
What is your name? (said to a woman).?מה שמך (ma shmekh)
My name is...שמי (shmi)
My name is #2 (literally: I am called...)קוראים לי (kor'im li - kor-'EEM lee ...)
How much is it?כמה זה? (kamah zeh? - KA-mah zeh)
Cashמזומן ("me-zu-MAN")
Cash onlyמזומן בלבד (mezuman bil-vad - me-zu-MAN beel-VAD);
Creditאשראי (ashra'i - ash-RA-'ee);

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