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Useful Hebrew Phrases for Getting Taxi

Wish to know the way to tell, How much is a taxi cab to a hotel in Hebrew? Learn More

We’ve provided popular Hebrew key phrases designed for getting a taxi in Hebrew together with English pronunciation. Phrases to catch a taxi
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List of Phrases For Getting Taxi in Hebrew

Taxi!מונית (monit! - moNIT!)
Take me to _____, please.קח אותי ל____, בבקשה (qah oti le___, bevakashah - kakh oTI le___, bevakaSHA)
How much does it cost to get to _____?כמה זה עולה עד ל (kamah ze `oleh li `ad le___? - KAma ze `oLE `ad le___)
Take me there, please.קח אותי לשם בבקשה (qah oti lesham, bevakashah - kakh oTI leSHAM, bevakaSHA)
Could you use a counter/taximeter, please?תוכל להשתמש במונה בבקשה? (tukhal lehishtamesh bemoneh bevakasha? - tuKHAL le-hish-ta-MESH be-moNEH be-va-ka-SHA?). A counter/taximeter (מונה - moneh) gives the price based on certain factors such as travel time and distance (plus initial price), rather than a fixed overprice. Luggage costs extra in either case.

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