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Alphabet in Latvian Language

Understanding the Latvian alphabet is vital in learning the Latvian Language. Latvian alphabet configuration is applied in a day-to-day conversation. Without the Latvian alphabet, it is impossible to speak the Latvian words correctly even if you learn how to write those terms in Latvian. Learn More

Like any language, the far better a person articulate a letter in a word, the easier understood you will be in speaking the Latvian language. Here are some links which redirects you to the Latvian alphabet and how it can be pronounced in English.
Latvian Language Words

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Vowels in Latvian Alphabet

Notice that there are long and short vowel sounds in Latvian.
aas in 'u' in "cup"
āas in 'a' in "bark", a long sound
eas in 'e' in "pet" and 'a' in "fat"
ēas in 'ai' in "fair" and 'a' in "spar", but longer
ias in 'i' in "pin"
īas in 'ee' in "speed", a long sound
oas in 'o' in "pot" and 'oa' in "oats" or 'aw' in "law"
uas in 'u' in "put"
ūas in 'oo' in "pool", a long sound

Consonants in Latvian Alphabet

bas 'b' in "ball"
cas 'ts' in "bits"
čas 'ch' in "chest"
das 'd' in "dog"
dzas 'ds' in "beds"
as 'j' in "job"
fas 'f' in "fish"
gas 'g' in "grass" [hard g sound]
ģas 'ju' in "judge"
has 'h' in "hot"
jas 'y' in "yes"
kas 'k' in "kite"
ķas 'c' in "cute"
las 'l' in "lid"
ļas 'li' in "million"
mas 'm' in "money"
nas 'n' in "noise"
ņas 'ny' in "new"
pas 'p' in "pet"
rtrilled as spanish 'r'
sas 's' in "sand"
šas 'sh' in "ship"
tas 't' in "top"
vas 'v' in "vest"
zas z' in "zebra"
žas 'su' in "pleasure"

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Latvian Alphabet

In Latvian, the stress is almost always on the first syllable.

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