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Learn How to Say Numbers in Latvian Language

Need to know how to pronounce the contact numbers in Latvian? You might need to count up to 12 in Latvian. We have provided the two written pronunciations of ways to express the figures when it comes to Latvian language. We can easily actually demonstrate the right way to tell you large figures in Latvian easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Latvian Language

We’ve got all of the the Latvian numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, shown below that you will want to learn. More …

Latvian Language Words

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To ensure counting the numbers found in Latvian simpler for you, we have separated the numbers in to scaled-down sections. Every one of these webpages have a short video tutorial you can enjoy to determine the proper pronunciation.
0nulle (NOOL-leh)
1viens (vyehns)
2divi (DIH-vih)
3trīs (trees)
4četri (CHEH-trih)
5pieci (PYEH-tsih)
6seši (SEH-shih)
7septiņi (SEHP-tih-nyih)
8astoņi (UHS-toa-nyih)
9deviņi (DEH-vee-nyih)
10desmit (DEHS-miht)
11vienpadsmit (VYEH-puhds-miht)
12divpadsmit (DIHV-puhds-miht)
13trīspadsmit (TREES-puhds-miht)
14četrpadsmit (CHEHTR-puhds-miht)
15piecpadsmit (PYEHTS-puhds-miht)
16sešpadsmit (SEHSH-puhds-miht)
17septiņpadsmit (SEHP-tihny-puhds-miht)
18astoņpadsmit (UHS-tawny-puhds-miht)
19deviņpadsmit (DEH-vihny-puhds-miht)
20divdesmit (DIHV-dehs-miht)
21divdesmit viens (DIHV-dehs-miht vyehns)
22divdesmit divi (DIHV-dehs-miht DIH-vih)
23divdesmit trīs (DIHV-dehs-miht trees)
30trīsdesmit (TREES-dehs-miht)
40četrdesmit (CHEHTR-dehs-miht)
50piecdesmit (PYEHTS-dehs-miht)
60sešdesmit (SEHSH-dehs-miht)
70septiņdesmit (SEHP-teeny-dehs-miht)
80astoņdesmit (UHS-tohny-dehs-miht)
90deviņdesmit (DEH-veeny-dehs-miht)
100simts (sihmts)
200divi simti (DIH-vih SIHM-tih)
300trīs simti (trees SIHM-tih)
1000tūkstots (TOOKS-tohts)
1,000,000miljons (MIH-lyohns')
1,000,000,000miljards (MIH-lyahrds)
1,000,000,000,000biljons (BIH-lyohns)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)numurs _____ (NOO-moors)
halfpus (poos)
lessmazāk (MUH-zahk)
morevairāk (VAY-rahk)

Select the hyperlinks directly below to find a number of practical Latvian travel words which you’ll find sorted by group. For each travel phrase in Latvian, you will see the English translation.

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