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How do we say the Days of the week in Latvian language

When you are exploring in Latvia and a person actually asks you in Latvian “what day is it today?” you need to understand how to advise the days of the 7 days in Latvian simply. What the person asks “when am I going to meet you again?” You ought to write the time in Latvian maybe. Start using our day terms in Latvian beneath to tell the week days in Latvian. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Latvian

todayšodien (SHAW-dyehn)
yesterdayvakar (VUH-kuhr)
tomorrowrīt (reet)
this weekšo nedēļu (shaw NEH-deh-lyoo)
last weekpagājuša nedēļu (PUH-gah-yoo-shah NEH-deh-lyoo)
next weeknākam nedēļu (NAH-kuhm NEH-deh-lyoo)
Mondaypirmdiena (PIHRM-dyeh-nuh)
Tuesdayotrdiena (AWTR-dyeh-nuh)
Wednesdaytrešdiena (TREHSH-dyeh-nuh)
Thursdayceturtdiena (TSAH-tuhrt-dyeh-nuh)
Fridaypiektdiena (PYEHKT-dyeh-nuh)
Saturdaysestdiena (SAHST-dyeh-nuh)
Sundaysvētdiena (SVEHT-dyeh-nuh)

Months in Latvian Language

Januaryjanvāris (YUHN-vah-rihs)
Februaryfebruāris (FEH-brwah-rihs)
Marchmarts (muhrts)
Aprilaprīlis (UH-pree-lihs)
Maymaijs (maiys)
Junejūnijs (YOO-niys)
Julyjūlijs (YOO-liys)
Augustaugusts (OW-guhsts)
Septemberseptembris (SEHP-tehm-brihs)
Octoberoktobris (OHK-toh-brihs)
Novembernovembris (NOH-vehm-brihs)
Decemberdecembris (DEHT-sehm-brihs)

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