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About the Colours in Latvian

If you find yourself planning to take a shopping spree in Latvia or a Latvian speaking region, don’t forget to master the colours in Latvian language. The names of colors in Latvian will come in very invaluable if you are seeking for extra choices in numerous merchandise your are thinking to buy. Learn More

From this specific webpage, you’re able to learn how to reveal the names of various colours in Latvian. We hope that by reading and learning the Latvian color chart down below, it will be easier to express more or less all the essential colours in Latvian.
Latvian Language Words

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Latvian Colours List

blackmelns (mahlns)
whitebalts (buhlts)
graypelēks (PEH-lehhks)
redsarkans (SUHR-kuhns)
bluezils (zihls)
yellowdzeltens (DZAHL-tahns)
greenzaļš (zuhlysh)
orangeoranžs (OH-ruhnzh)
purpleviolets/lillā (VYOH-lehts/LIHL-lahh)
brownbrūns (broons)
pinksārts (sahrts)

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