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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Latvian Language

Need to book an places to stay in Latvia? Tips on how to say, I’d like to book an accommodation in Latvian? Helpful Latvian terminology when it comes to selecting a room in resorts or wishing to require a bedroom with a veranda. Learn More

Utilizing the Latvian holiday accommodation relevant sentences here, one can learn how to ask your questions in Latvian. Examples of these questions include: “how many nights you are booking for?” or “how much will it cost to book a room?” Eventually, it will be easier to figure out the responses in Latvian.
Latvian Language Words

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HotelViesnīca (VYEHS-nee-tsah)
Do you have any rooms available?Vai jums ir kāda brīva istaba? (vay yuhms ihr KAH-dah BREE-vah IHS-tah-bah?)
Does the room come with...Vai šajā istabā ir...
...a bathroom?...vannas istaba?
...a telephone?...telefons?
...a TV?...televizors?
How much is a room for one person/two people?Cik maksā istaba vienai personai/divām personām?
May I see the room first?Vai es varētu vispirms apskatīt istabu?
OK, I'll take it.Labi, es ņemšu.
I will stay for _____ night(s).Es palikšu ___ nakti(s).
Do you have a safe?Vai jums ir seifs?
Is breakfast/supper included?Vai brokastis/vakariņas ir iekļautas cenā?

Select the links directly below to view a number of useful Latvian holiday key phrases which are structured by group. For every holiday word or phrase in Latvian, you will notice the actual English interpretation.

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