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Dealing With Authorities in Latvian Language

When you’re going in Latvia or any country where they communicate in Latvian and you really are in an emergency situation, dealing with authorities just like the police in Latvian may be daunting. You have got to know no less than the standard Latvian terms when it comes to urgent matters to help you call your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Latvian Phrases For Emergencies

Latvian Language Words

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I haven't done anything wrong.Es neesmu darījis[male]/darījusi[female] neko sliktu.
It was a misunderstanding.Ir radies pārpratums.
Where are you taking me?Uz kurieni jūs mani vedat?
Am I under arrest?Vai es esmu arestēts[male]/arestēta[female]?
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.Es esmu Amerikas/Austrālijas/Lielbritānijas/Kanādas pilsonis[male]/pilsone[female].
I want to talk to a lawyer.Es gribu runāt ar advokātu.
Can I just pay a fine now?Vai varu samaksāt sodu tagad? (vai VAH-ruh SAH-mahk-sahht SOH-duh TAH-gahd?)

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