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Do you know precisely what to talk about if you end up having trouble in Latvian? You could be in a scenario where anyone is troubling you or you had misplaced your bag inside a country in which they speak Latvian. Learn More

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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Latvian Language

Leave me alone.Ej prom. (ey prohm)
Don't touch me!Neaizskar mani! (neh-AYZS-kahr MAH-nee)
I'll call the police.Es izsaukšu policiju. (ehs EEZ-sowk-shoo poh-LEE-tsyoo)
Police!Policija! (poh-LEE-tsyah)
Stop! Thief!Ķeriet zagli! (KYEH-ryeht ZAH-glee)
I need your help.Man vajag jūsu palīdzību. (mahn VAY-ahg YOO-soo pah-LEE-jee-boo)
It's an emergency.Ir avārijas situācija. (ihr ah-VAA-ryahs see-TWAA-tsyah)
I'm lost.Esmu apmaldījies (male)/apmaldījusies (female). (EHS-moo ahp-MAHL-dee-yehs/ ahp-MAHL-dee-yoo-syehs)
I lost my bag.Es pazaudēju savu somu. (ehs pah-ZOW-dehh-yoo SAH-voo SOH-moo)
I lost my wallet.Es pazaudēju savu maku. (ehs pah-ZOW-dehh-yoo SAH-voo MAH-koo)
I'm sick.Esmu slims (male)/slima (female). (EHS-moo sleems/ SLEE-mah)
I've been injured.Es esmu ievainots. (ehs EHS-moo ie-VAI-nohts)
I need a doctor.Man vajag ārstu. (mahn VAI-ahg AARS-too)
Can I use your phone?Vai es drīkstu izmantot jūsu telefonu? (vai ehs DREEKS-too eez-MAHN-toht YOO-soo teh-leh-FOH-noo?)

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