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Alphabet in Macedonian Language

Learning the Macedonian alphabet is important to learn the Macedonian Language. Macedonian alphabet composition is put into use in a every day conversation. Without the Macedonian alphabet, it is impossible to say the Macedonian words correctly even if anyone can write those key phrases in Macedonian. Learn More

As with any language, the better anyone articulate a letter in a word, the more grasped you’ll be in talking the Macedonian language. Here are a few links which redirects you to the Macedonian alphabet and how it really is pronounced in English.
Macedonian Language Words

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Vowels in Macedonian Alphabet

The Macedonian vowels are similar to the Spanish vowels.
Aa татко - tatko - father...like 'a' in "father"
Ee метал - metal - metal...like 'e' in "metal"
Ii има - ima - has...like 'i' in "image" or 'ee' in "see"
Oo око - oko - eye...like 'o' in "cold"
Uu утре - utre - tomorrow...like 'oo' in "book" [short oo not long as in pool]

Consonants in Macedonian Alphabet

БB бука - buka - noise...like 'b' in "book" [end of a word 'p' sound]
ВV вера - vera - faith...like 'v' in "very" [end and middle of a word 'f' sound]
ГG гора - gora - wood...like 'g' in "go" [end or middle of a word 'k' sound]
ДD да - da - yes...like 'd' in "dust" [end of a word like 't' sound]
ЃGj луѓе - lugje - people...like the 'dg' in "fudge" [at the end of the word like a 'tch' sound]
ЖZh жаба - zhaba - frog...like 'si' in "vision" [end of a word is 'sh' sound]
ЗZ за - za - for...like 'z' in "zoo"
ЅDz ѕид - dzid - wall...there is no sound like this in English; it is similar to the word suds(suhdz) pronounce d and z together > d-z=dz [end of a word is 'ts' sound]
ЈJ јас - jas - I...like 'y' in "yacht"
КK кама - kama - dagger...like 'c' in "camera" [hard sound]
ЛL лук - luk - garlic...like 'l' in "look"
ЉLj виљушка - viliushka - fork...like the 'li' in "million" [lyeh]
MM ми - mi - me...like 'm' in "me"
НN но - no - but...like 'n' in "no"
ЊNj диња - dinja - melon...like 'ni'- or 'ny'- in "onion" or "canyon"; the spanish ñ [nyeh]
ПP пат - pat - path...like 'p' in "path"
РR роб - rob - slave...like 'r' in "roca" [usually trilled]
СS сон - son - dream...like 's' in "son"
ТT тука - tuka - here...like 't' in "too"
ЌKj ќе - kje - will...like 'tch' in "watch"
ФF факт - fakt - fact...like 'f' in "fact"
ХH химна - himna - anthem...like 'h' in "him" [an aspirated sound]
ЦC цар - car = tsar - tsar...like 'ts' in "bits"
ЧCh чај - chaj - tea...like 'ch' in "much"
ЏDzh џин - dzhin - giant...like 'gi' in "giant" or 'j' in "jungle" [end or middle of a word 'ch' sound]
ШSh шума - shuma - forest...like 'sh' in "shop"

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Macedonian Alphabet

oathe 'oa' as in "boa"
aelike the 'a' in 'another' + 'e' in 'enemy'
oelike the 'oe' in 'poet'

As a rule of thumb, if the Macedonian word has three or more syllables, the emphasis will fall on the third syllable counted from the end of the word. If the word has less then three syllables, the first from the beginning is stressed. Examples: Благодарам [bla-GO-daram], утро [UT-ro].

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