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How to say money in Macedonian

Would like to know the Macedonian word for your money? we have now right here a summary of Macedonian cash associated words you most likely are needing whenever travelling in Macedonian speaking countries. Learn More

Touring is usually very expensive, for that reason it is essential to get a good understanding of Macedonian phrases for your money related matters just like exchanging money and banking. More Info
Macedonian Language Words

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Every country everywhere possesses its own monetary system. Interchanging cash in Macedonian speaking regions is the most common banking importance of holidaymakers. Therefore, it is important that you receive the most for your money by getting acquainted with these basic monetary words in Macedonian.

Dealing With Money in Macedonian

We’ve got a number of Macedonian terms which can be used while exchanging money in Macedonia or simply when buying something in stores.

I want to exchange some money/travellers cheques.Сакам да разменам пари/натнички чекови. (SAkam da RAZmenam PAri/ PATnichki CHEkovi)
What's the exchange rate?Каков е курсот? (KAkov e KUrsot?)
How many_____per dollar?Колку___за еден долар? (KOLku...za Eden DOlar?)
banknotes.банкноти. (bankNOti)
cashier.благаjник. (blaGAInik)
coins.монети. (MOneti)
money.пари. (PAri)
dollarsдолари (DOH-lah-ree)
changeменува (MEH-noo-vah)
British poundsБритански фунти (bree-TAHNS-kee FOON-tee)
eurosевра (EU-rah)
credit card.кредит картичка. (kreDItna karTIchka)
debit cardдебитна картичка (DEH-beet-nah kahr-TEECH-kah)
exchange.размена. (RAZmena)

Select the hyperlinks below to check out a number of beneficial Macedonian holiday words which you’ll find structured by group. For every holiday phrase in Macedonian, you will notice the English translation.

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