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Do you know exactly what to speak about when you are having problems in Macedonian? You may be in a scenario where somebody is bothering you or you had missing your handbag in a country in which they communicate in Macedonian. Learn More

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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Macedonian Language

Help!Пoмoш! (POH-mohsh!)
Go away!Oдeтe cи! (oh-DEH-teh see!)
It's an emergency.Итно e. (EET-noh eh)
Thief!Кpaдeц! (KRAH-dehts!)
I am lost.Ce загyбив. (seh ZAH-goo-beef)
Leave me alone.Остави ме. (ohs-TAH-bee meh)
Don't touch me!Не ме допирај! (neh meh DOHP-ee-ray!)
I'll call the police.Ќе викнам полиција. (tcheh VEEK-nahm poh-LEE-tsyah)
Police!Полиција! (poh-LEE-tsyah!)
Stop! Thief!Стоп! Крадец! (stohp! KRAH-dehts!)
I need your help.Ми треба вашата помош. (mee TREH-bah VAH-shah-tah POH-mosh)
It's an emergency.Тоа е итен случај. (TOH-ah eh EE-tehn SLOO-chai)
I'm lost.Јас сум изгубена. (yahs soom eez-GOO-beh-nah)
I lost my bag.Ја изгубив мојата торба. (yah EEZ-goo-beef MOH-yah-tah TOHR-bah)
I lost my wallet.Го изгубив мојот паричник. (go EEZ-goo-beef MOH-yoht PAH-reech-neek)
I'm sick. (female/male)Јас сум болна/болен. (yahs soom BOHL-nah/BOHL-ehn)
I've been injured. (male/female)Повреден/повредена сум. (POH-vreh-dehn/poh-VREH-dehn-ah soom)
I need a doctor.Ми треба лекар. (mee TREH-bah LEH-kahr)
Can I use your phone?Може ли да го искористам вашиот телефон? (MOH-zheh lee dah goh is-KOH-rees-tahm VAH-she-yoht teh-leh-FOHN?)

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