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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Macedonian Language

Would like to know how to say the actual phone numbers in Macedonian? You may want to count up to 20 in Macedonian. You’ll find listed the two written pronunciations of methods to state typically the numbers when it comes to Macedonian language. We’re able to actually share with you the best way to say large numbers in Macedonian very easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Macedonian Language

We’ve got all the Macedonian numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you may need to learn. More …

Macedonian Language Words

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To help make counting the particular numbers when it comes to Macedonian simpler, we certainly have categorised the numbers in to smaller-sized parts. Every one of these internet pages contain a quick video tutorial you can enjoy to learn the correct pronunciation.
0нyлa (NUla)
1eдeн (Eden)
2два (dva)
3три (tri)
4четири (CHEtiri)
5пeт (pet)
6шес (shes)
7седyм (SEdum)
8осyм (Osum)
10деceт (DEset)
11eдинаeceт (ediNAEset)
12двaнаeceт (dvaNAEset)
13тринаeceт (triNAEset)
14четиринаeceт (chetiriNAEset)
15пeтнаeceт (petNAEset)
16шеснаeceт (shestNAEset)
17седyмнаeceт (sedumNAEset)
18осyмнаeceт (osumNAEset)
19девeтнаeceт (dvetNAEset)
20дваeceт (DVAeset)
21дваeceт и eдeн (DVAeset i Eden)
22дваeceт и два (DVAeset i dva)
30триeceт (TRIeset)
40четириeceт (chetiRIEset)
50пeдеceт (PEdeset)
60шеeceт (SHEEset)
70седyмдесeт (sedUMdeset)
80осyмдесeт (osUMdeset)
90девeдесeт (deVEdeset)
100сто (stoh)
200двеста (DVEHS-tah)
300триста (TREES-tah)
400четиристотини (cheh-tee-rees-TOH-tee-nee)
500петстотини (pehts-TOH-tee-nee)
600шестстотини (shehts-TOH-tee-nee)
700седумстотини (seh-duhms-TOH-tee-nee)
800осумстотини (oh-suhms-TOH-tee-nee)
900деветстотини (deh-vehts-TOH-tee-nee)
1,000илјада (EE-lyah-dah)
10,000десет илјади (DEH-seht EE-lyah-dee)
1,000,000,000eдeн милион (Eden MIlion)

Click on the links directly below to find out a number of useful Macedonian holiday words that are structured by group. For each holiday word or phrase in Macedonian, you will notice the English interpretation.

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