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Dealing With Authorities in Macedonian Language

When you’re exploring in Macedonia or perhaps any country where men and women communicate in Macedonian and you really are in an emergency situation, handling authorities such as the police in Macedonian may be challenging. You will need to know no less than the basic Macedonian terms when it comes to crisis situations to assist you to speak to your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Macedonian Phrases For Emergencies

Macedonian Language Words

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I haven't done anything wrong.Не сум сторил ништо погрешно. (ne sum STOril NISHto POGreshno)
It was a misunderstanding.Тоа беше недоразбирање. (toa BEshe nedorazBIRanye)
Where are you taking me?Каде ме носиш? (KAde me NOsish?)
Am I under arrest?Дали сум уапсен? (DAli sum Uapsen?)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.Јас сум американски / австралиски / британски / канадски државјанин. (yas sum ameRIkanski/ awsTRAliski/ BRItanski/ KAnadski drZHAvyanin)
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.Сакам да разговарам со американскиот / австралиски / британски / канадска амбасада / конзулат. (SAkam da razGOvaram so ameriKANskiot/ briTANski/ kaNADSka ambaSAda/ konzuLAT)
I want to talk to a lawyer.Сакам да разговарам со адвокат. (SAkam da razGOvaram so advoKAT)
Can I just pay a fine now?Може ли да платам само казна сега? (Mozhe li da PLAtam samo KAZna SEga)

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