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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Macedonian Language

Would like to reserve an hotels in Macedonia? Exactly how do you say, I’d like to book an accommodation in Macedonian? Practical Macedonian vocab intended for making your reservation for a room in motels or needing to request a bedroom with a deck. Learn More

When using the Macedonian accommodation related phrases listed here, you will get to pose your questions in Macedonian. Many of these questions include things like: “how many days you will be booking for?” and “how much will it cost to reserve a room?” Eventually, you’ll be able to recognise the answers in Macedonian.
Macedonian Language Words

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I'm looking for a____.Бapaм___. (BAram...)
Where's a?Каде има? (KAde Ima?)
...cheap hotel....евтин хотел. (EVtin KHOtel)
...nearby hotel....хотел во близината. (KHOtel vo bliZInata)
...good hotel....dobar хотел. (DObar KHOtel)
...clean hotel....чист хотел. (chist KHOtel)
Do you have any rooms available?Дали имате слободни соби? (DAli Imate SLObodni SObi?)
How much is it per night/per person?Коjа е цената за ноќ/ по човек? (KOYa e TSEnata za NOki/ po CHOvek?)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Колку е простор за едно лице/двајца луѓе? (KOHL-koo eh PROHS-tohr zah EHD-noh LEE-tseh/DVAY-tsah LOO-jeh?)
Does the room come with...Дали собата оди со... (DAH-lee SOH-bah-tah O-dee soh....)
...bedsheets?...чаршави? (CHAR-shah-vee?)
...a bathroom?...бања? (BAH-nyah?)
...a telephone?...телефон? (teh-leh-FOHN?)
...a TV?...телевизија (teh-leh-VEE-zyah)
May I see the room first?Може ли да ја видам првата соба? (MOH-zheh lee dah yah BEE-dahm PRVAH-tah SOH-bah?)
Do you have anything quieter?Имате ли нешто помирна? (ee-MAH-teh lee NESH-toh poh-MEER-nah?)
...bigger?...поголем? (poh-GOH-lehm?)
...cleaner?...веш? (vehsh)
...cheaper?...поевтини? (poh-EHV-tee-nee?)
OK, I'll take it.Добро, ќе го земам. (DOH-broh, tchyeh che goh ZEH-mahm)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Јас ќе останам за _____ вечер(а). (yahs tchyeh OHS-tah-nam zah...VEH-chehr(ah))
Can you suggest another hotel?Можете ли да ми предложите друг хотел? (MOH-zheh-teh lee dah me prehd-LOH-zhee droog HOH-tehl?)
Do you have a safe?Имате ли сеф? (ee-MAH-teh lee safe?)
...lockers?...гардероби? (gahr-deh-ROH-bee?)
Is breakfast/supper included?Дали е доручек/вечера вклучен? (DAH-lee eh doh-ROO-chehk/veh-CHEH-rah vkloo-CHEH-nee?)
What time is breakfast/supper?Кога е доручек/вечера? (KOH-gah eh doh-ROO-chehk/veh-CHEH-rah?)
Please clean my room.Ве молиме исчистете ја мојата соба. (veh moh-LEE-meh is-CHEES-tee-tee ya moy-AH-tah SOH-bah)
Can you wake me at _____?Можете ли да ме разбудите во _____? (moh-ZHEH-teh lee dah meh rahz-BOO-dee-teh voh...?)
I want to check out.Сакам да проверете. (SAH-kahm dah proh-VEH-reh-teh)

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