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Ordering Drinks in Macedonian Bar

While in a Macedonian speaking place and you need to buy a cocktail at a bar or perhaps a shop. It is always good to learn a few Macedonian terms to get cocktails. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Macedonian Language

Dehydrated in Macedonia or in a nation where they talk the Macedonian language? We now have detailed invaluable Macedonian words and phrases to buy beverages in Macedonian language.

Macedonian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Дали служите алкохол? (DAli SLUzhite ALkohol?)
Is there table service?Дали има услуга на маса? (DAli ima USluga na MAsa?)
A beer please.пиво молам. (PIvo MOlam)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Чаша црвено/бело вино молам. (CHAsha TSRveno/ BElo VIno MOlam.)
A pint, please.Пинта молам (PINta MOlam.)
A bottle, please.Шише ве молам. (SHIshe ve MOlam.)
whiskeyвиски (VISki)
vodkaводка (VODka)
rumрум (rum)
club sodaсода клуб (SOda klub)
tonic waterтоник вода (TOnik VOda)
orange juiceсок од портокал (sok od porTOkal)
Coca Cola (soda)Кока Кола (KOka KOla)
Do you have any bar snacks?Дали имате закуски? (DAli Imate ZAkuski?)
One more, please.Уште една, ве молам. (USHte Edna, ve MOlam.)
Another round, please.Друга тура, молам. (DRUga TUra, Molam.)
When is closing time?Кога затворате? (Koga zatVOrate?)
Cheers!На здравје! (na ZDRAvie!)

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