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About the Colours in Vietnamese

When you are planning to go on a shopping spree in Vietnam or a Vietnamese speaking nation, don’t forget to find out the colours in Vietnamese language. The names of colours in Vietnamese comes in quite helpful if you are searching for additional choices in numerous products you’re planning to order. Learn More

As a result of this specific web content, you can certainly quickly learn how to articulate the names of several colours in Vietnamese. We trust by looking at and learning the Vietnamese colour chart down below, you’ll be able to know many of typically the primary colors in Vietnamese.
Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


Vietnamese Colours List

When describing the color of an object etc., use the word below. When referring to the color itself, use màu or mầu followed by the word below.
blackđen (den)
whitetrắng (chung?!)
grayxám (sam?)
redđỏ (daw... aw?)
bluexanh nước (sang neu-uhk?)
yellowvàng (vang...)
greenxanh (lá cây) (sang lah? kay)
orangecam (kahm)
purpletím (teem)
brownnâu (no)

Click on the hyperlinks below to find out a number of useful Vietnamese holiday phrases that are arranged by category. For each travel phrase in Vietnamese, there’ll be the English translation.

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