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Do you know what exactly to mention when you find yourself having difficulty in Vietnamese? You could be in a scenario where somebody is annoying you or perhaps you had lost your bag in a country in which they converse in Vietnamese. Learn More

You don’t need to get worried. We collected a list of Vietnamese words and phrases that you can use in a crisis. More..
Vietnamese Language Words

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Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Vietnamese Language

Leave me alone.Đừng làm phiền tôi. (DUHung LAHm fien Toy)
Don't touch me!Đừng đụng vào tôi! (DUHung DUHooung vaw Toy)
I'll call the police.Tôi sẽ gọi cảnh sát./Tôi sẽ gọi công an. (Toy seEh Goy Kang Sat/ Toy seEH GAWoy Kong an)
Police!Công an!/Cảnh sát! (Kong an!/Kang Sat)
Stop! Thief!Ngừng lại! Ăn trộm! (GNoong LAai! Anh Chohm!)
I need your help.Giúp tôi với. (zoop Toy vowi)
It's an emergency.Việc này khẩn cấp. (Vuec nai Kun cup)
I'm lost.Tôi bị lạc. (Toi bee lack)
I lost my bag.Tôi bị mất túi. (Toy bee mUHtt tui)
I lost my wallet.Tôi bị mất cái ví. (Toy bee mUHtt kai vee)
I'm sick.Tôi bị ốm. (Thoi bee oom)
I've been injured.Tôi đã bị thương. (Toy DAH bee tew-ung)
I need a doctor.Tôi cần một bác sĩ. (Toy Kuhn moht back see)
Can I use your phone?Tôi dùng điện thoại của (second person pronoun) được không? (Toi zoong dyen twai KOOuh... DUHuc KHong)

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