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Dealing With Authorities in Vietnamese Language

If you find yourself traveling in Vietnam or simply any region where they speak Vietnamese and you really are in an emergency situation, experiencing authorities such as the police in Vietnamese could be daunting. You have got to know no less than the basic Vietnamese words and phrases when it comes to urgent matters to assist you speak to your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Vietnamese Phrases For Emergencies

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


I haven't done anything wrong.Tôi chưa làm gì sai. (toy cheu-uh lam zee sai?)
It was a misunderstanding.Chỉ là hiểu lầm thôi. (chee...ee? lah... hee...oh? luhm... toy)
Where are you taking me?Ông đang dẫn tôi đi đâu? (ohng dahng yuh'n? toy dee duhw)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.Tôi là công dân Mỹ/Úc/Anh/Ca-na-đa. (toy lah... kohng yuhn mee'ee? / ook / ang / kah-nah-dah)
I want to talk to the (American/Australian/British/Canadian) (embassy/consulate).Tôi cần phải nói chuyện với (đại sứ quán/lãnh sự) (Mỹ/Úc/Anh/Ca-na-đa). (toy kuhn... fah...ee? naw-ee? cheu-ee'n vuh-ee? (dah'i seu? kwahn?/lay'ng? seu'eu) (mee'ee?/ook/ang/kah-nah-dah)
I want to talk to a lawyer.Tôi muốn nói chuyện với luật sư. (...)
Can I just pay a fine now?Tôi chỉ trả tiền phạt thôi được không? (...)

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