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Ordering Drinks in Vietnamese Bar

Whilst in the Vietnamese speaking country and you need to obtain a drink at a bar or maybe a shop. It’s great to learn numerous Vietnamese key phrases to purchase refreshments. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Vietnamese Language

Thirsty in Vietnam or in a country where they speak the Vietnamese language? We have detailed valuable Vietnamese keyword phrases to get beverages in Vietnamese language.

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


Do you serve alcohol?Có rượu ở đây không? (...)
Is there table service?(...)
A beer/two beers, please.Xin một/hai ly rượu. (...)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Xin một ly rượu đỏ/trắng. (...)
A pint, please.(...)
A bottle, please.Xin một chai. (...)
_____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer), please.(...)
whiskeyuýt-ky (weet-kee)
vodkarượu vôtca (Northern : zew vote-kah, Southern : ro vawt-kah)
champagnesâm banh (shum bang)
cognaccô nhắc (ko nyuck)
rumrượu rum (Northern : zew room, Southern : ro ruhm)
waternước (neu-uhck?)
soda popnước ngọt (neu-uhck? ngawt.)
club soda(...)
tonic water(...)
orange juicenước cam (neu-uhck? kam)
colacôla (koh-lah)
Do you have any bar snacks?(...)
One more, please.Xin một ly/chai nữa. (...)
Another round, please.(...)
When is closing time?Bao giờ đóng cửa? (Bow zuh... downg? keu-uh?)

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