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Learn How to Say Numbers in Vietnamese Language

Need to know the right way to repeat the phone numbers in Vietnamese? You might need to add up to Ten in Vietnamese. We have listed each written pronunciations of how to state typically the numbers when it comes to Vietnamese language. We are able to also share with you ways to say great figures in Vietnamese easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Vietnamese Language

We’ve got all the Vietnamese numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, directly below that you will need to learn. More …

Vietnamese Language Words

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Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


In order to make counting the numbers when it comes to Vietnamese easier, we have now divided the numbers in to smaller sized portions. Every one of these pages contain a quick video recording you can view to learn the ideal pronunciation.
(Phonetic approximations are in italics, and English words that sound very similar are in quotes.) When giving your age, it is common to say just the digits, e.g., "three-one" instead of "thirty-one".
NoteSV = Southern Vietnamese
NV = Northern Vietnamese
0không (kohng)
1một (Northern : moht, Southern : mohk)
2hai ("high")
3ba (bah)
4bốn ("bone")
5năm ("nuhm")
6sáu (sao)
7bảy (bye)
8tám (tahm)
9chín ("cheen")
10mười (meui)
11mười một (muh-uh-ee mo'oht)
12mười hai (muh-uh-ee high)
13mười ba (muh-uh-ee bah)
14mười bốn (muh-uh-ee bohn?)
15mười lăm (muh-uh-ee lahm)
16mười sáu (muh-uh-ee sao?)
17mười bảy (muh-uh-ee bye)
18mười tám (muh-uh-ee thahm?)
19mười chín (muh-uh-ee cheen?)
20hai mươi (high muh-uh-ee)
21hai mươi mốt (high muh-uh-ee moht?)
22hai mươi hai (high muh-uh-ee hai)
23hai mươi ba (high muh-uh-ee bah)
30ba mươi (bah muh-uh-ee)
40bốn mươi (bone? muh-uh-ee)
50năm mươi (nahm muh-uh-ee)
60sáu mươi (sao? muh-uh-ee)
70bảy mươi (buh-ee muh-uh-ee)
80tám mươi (thahm? muh-uh-ee)
90chín mươi (cheen? muh-uh-ee)
100một trăm (moht cham or often just "cham")
200hai trăm (hai cham)
300ba trăm (bah cham)
1000một ngàn (SV)/nghìn(NV) (mo'oht ngang/ngeen...)
2000hai ngàn (SV)/nghìn (NV) (hai ngang/ngeen...)
1,000,000một triệu (mo'oht chee'ou)
1,000,000,000một tỷ (mo'oht thee'ee?)
1,000,000,000,000một ngàn (SV)/nghìn (NV) tỷ
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)số _____ ("so?")
halfnửa (neu-uh?)
lessít hơn (eet huhhhn)
morehơn (huhn), thêm (tehm)

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