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Vietnamese Vowels: Learn How to Pronounce Them Easily

Vietnamese vowels when it comes to Vietnamese Alphabet is actually a sound that is certainly pronounced simply by employing your lips (in the event of nasal vowels, the usage of your nose) without blockage of the lip area, tongue, or throat.There are actually certainly several common rules to make note of any time saying Vietnamese vowels. Learn More

The articulatory functions which will recognize diverse Vietnamese vowel sounds are usually said to find the vowel’s top quality when it comes to Vietnamese Language. Inside a well developed vowel method just like Vietnamese vowel system, you’ll discover typical functions – height (vertical dimension), blackness (horizontal dimension) and roundedness (lips placement). Learn The Vietnamese Vowels
Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


You’ll notice even so still additional feasible attributes of Vietnamese vowel top quality, much like the velum position (nasality), kind of vocal fold vibrations (phonation), along with tongue root position.

List of Vietnamese Vowels in Vietnamese Alphabet

Vietnamese Vowels in Alphabet

alike 'a' in "hat": ba (means "father").
ălike 'u' in "cut": chăn (means "blanket").
âlike 'o' in "person": sân (means "yard" in front of back of a house).
elike 'e' in "set": tre (means "bamboo").
êlike 'ay' in "say": cà phê (means "coffee").
iin the North, like 'ee' in "see" or "deed"; in the South, like 'ay' in "day": thi (means "test/exam").
olike 'aw' in "law": lý do (means "reason").
ôlike 'o' in "go": cô (means "aunt", "miss" or "madam").
ơlike 'ir' in "bird" (British English): bơ (means "avocado" or "butter").
uin the North, like 'oo' in "food"; in the North, like 'o' in "no": thu (means "autumn").
ưlike 'oo' in "book", with a hint of the 'i' in "lick", or like pronouncing "oo" without rounding your lips: thư (means "mail" or "letter").
ylike 'ee' in "see".

Vietnamese Semi Vowels in Alphabet

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