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How to say money in Vietnamese

Need to know the Vietnamese word money? now we have listed here an index of Vietnamese money associated terms you most likely are wanting whenever traveling in Vietnamese speaking countries. Learn More

Going on a vacation is sometimes extremely expensive, therefore it is really important to have a very good knowledge of Vietnamese phrases for your money relevant issues for example exchanging money and business banking. More Info
Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


Each country everywhere features its own money system. Trading money in Vietnamese speaking regions is the most frequent banking importance of holidaymakers. Consequently, it is important that you get the most your money can buy by getting knowledgeable about these common monetary words in Vietnamese.

Dealing With Money in Vietnamese

You will discover a list of Vietnamese words and phrases which can be employed whenever dealing with money in Vietnam or even when shopping for something in stores.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Có lấy đô la Mỹ/Úc/Canada không? (...)
Do you accept British pounds?Có lấy bảng Anh không? (...)
Do you accept credit cards?Có nhận thẻ tín dụng không? (...)
Can you change money for me?Đổi tiền cho tôi được không? (...)
Where can I get money changed?Tôi có thể đi đổi tiền ở đâu? (...)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Có thể đổi séc du lịch cho tôi được không? (...)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Tôi có thể đổi séc du lịch ở đâu? (...)
What is the exchange rate?Tỷ giá là bao nhiêu? (...)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Máy rút tiền (ATM) ở đâu? (...)

Click on the links directly below to check out a number of practical Vietnamese travel words which you’ll find sorted by category. For each holiday phrase in Vietnamese, you will find the English interpretation.

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