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How do we say the Days of the week in Vietnamese language

If you are venturing in Vietnam and someone asks you in Vietnamese “what day is it today?” you’ve got to understand how to tell the days of the week in Vietnamese easily and quickly. What if people asks “when am I going to meet you again?” You ought to write the time in Vietnamese perhaps. Take advantage of our day time key phrases in Vietnamese down below to understand the full week days in Vietnamese. Learn More

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


Telling the Days of The Week in Vietnamese

todayhôm nay (home nai)
yesterdayhôm qua (hohm quah)
tomorrowmai (my)
the day after tomorrow,ngày mốt (SV) (ngay moak)/ ngày kia
this weektuần nay (twuhn nai)
last weektuần qua (twuhn quah)
next weektuần sau (twuhn sao)
The days of the week are simply numbered, with the exception of Sunday:
Sundaychủ nhật (choo nyuht.)
Mondaythứ hai (teu? hai)
Tuesdaythứ ba (teu? ba)
Wednesdaythứ tư (teu? teu)
Thursdaythứ năm (teu? nuhm!)
Fridaythứ sáu (teu? sao?!)
Saturdaythứ bảy (teu? bai?)

Months in Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese does not have special names for each month. Instead, the months are simply numbered. Take the word tháng and add the month's number (see #Numbers above). For example:
MonthsMarchtháng 3 / tháng ba (tahng? ba)

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