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Armenian Phrases to Get Around

Prior to going on your next vacation to Armenia or any Armenian speaking country, it’s really a good plan to read through several very important Armenian travel phrases along with expressions. Even though this foreign language is absolutely not your potent match, and you really are sure many people is not able to get around by with only English. Learn More

Knowing a handful of travel related terms in Armenian for getting trains and figuring out exactly how expensive is the ticket in Armenian goes far in aiding your conversation with the local people, particularly with the ones from an older era that happen to be a lot less familiar with English language. More..
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Getting Bus and Trains in Armenian

How much is a ticket to _____?Ի՞նչ արժե տոմսը դեպի _____ ։ (inch are-ZHEH tom-SE deh-PEE _____?)
One ticket to _____, please.Մեկ _____-ի տոմս, խնդրում եմ։ (meck _____-ee tomse, khend-ROOM ehm)
Where does this train/bus go?Ու՞ր է գնում այս գնացքը/ավտոբուսը։ (oore eh gnoome ice GNATZ-qe/af-toh-BOO-se?)
Where is the train/bus to _____?Որտե՞ղ է _____-ի գնացքը/ավտոբուսը։ (vore-TEGH eh _____-ee GNATZ-qe/af-toh-BOO-se?)
Does this train/bus stop in _____?Այս գնացքը/ավտոբուսը կանգնու՞մ է _____։ (ice GNATZ-qe/af-toh-BOO-se kung-NOOM eh _____?)
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?Ե՞րբ է շարժվում _____-ի գնացքը/ավտոբուսը։ (yerb eh sharzh-VOOM _____-ee GNATZ-qe/af-toh-BOO-se?)
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?Ե՞րբ է այս գնացքը/ավտոբուսը հասնում _____։ (yerb eh ice GNATZ-qe/af-toh-BOO-se hus-NOOM ____?)
How much is a ticket to _____?Колькі каштуе білет да _____? (KOlki KASHtue BIlet da____?)
One ticket to _____, please.Адзін білет да _____,калі ласка. (ADzin BIlet da____,Kali LASka.)
Where does this train/bus go?Дзе гэты цягнік / аўтобус ехаць? (dze GEty tsiagNIK/ owTObus Ekats')
Where is the train/bus to _____?Дзе цягніком / аўтобусам да______? (dze tsiagNIkom/ owTObusam da____?)
Does this train/bus stop in _____?Азначае Ці гэта цягнік / аўтобус спыніўся на_______? (azNAchae tsi GEta tsiagNIK/ owTObus spyniOWsia na_____?)
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?Калі цягнік / аўтобус для______водпуску? (KAH-lee tsyahg-NEEK/ ow-TOH-boos dlyah______vohd-POOS-koo?)
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?Калі гэты цягнік / аўтобус прыбудзе ў_____? (KAH-lee GEH-ty tsyahg-NEEK/ ow-TOH-boos pry-BOOD-zeh weh______?)

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