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A complex speech sound or maybe glide that begins with just one Armenian vowel and gradually develops to a new Armenian vowel while in the exact syllable, as (oi) in boil or (i) in fine. A diphthong when it comes to Armenian language (basically signifies “two sounds” or “two tones”), commonly known as a gliding vowel. Armenian diphthong is regarded as two neighboring vowel sounds occurring while in the very same syllable.
Theoretically, a Armenian diphthong is really a vowel having two varying goals – that’s, your tongue moves through the pronunciation of your vowel. Learn More

Diphthongs present in Armenian language vary with monophthongs, where the tongue does not move and just one vowel sound happens to be noticed in a syllable. Where ever two adjacent vowel sounds come up in different syllables-for instance, in the English word re-elect the result is described as break, not as a diphthong.
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Diphthongs in Armenian Language normally form when individual Armenian vowels are usually run jointly in quick speech during the interaction in Armenian Language.

Armenian Diphthongs

айlike 'eye'
яйlike saying 'ya' in "yard" and 'eye' [yah-ee]
ойlike 'oy' in "boy" [oy]
ейlike 'ye' in "yet" and 'ay' in "play" [yeh ee]
эйlike 'ey' in "prey" [ey]
ыйlike 'i' in "Chris" and 'y' in "yes" similar to saying "possibly yes" [ee yeh]
уйlike 'oo' in "good" and 'y' in "yet" [oo yeh]
юйlike 'you' and 'y' in "play" [yoo ee]
аўlike 'ou' in "out" [ah oo]
яўlike saying 'ya' in "yard" and 'ou' in "out" [yah oo]
оўlike the 'ow' in "grow" [oh oo]
еўlike 'ye' in "yet" and 'wo' in "won't" [yeh woh]
эўlike 'e' in 'end' and 'wo' in "won't" [eh woh]

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