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About the Colours in Croatian

When you find yourself thinking to take a shopping spree in Croatia or a Croatian speaking region, be sure to study the colours in Croatian language. The names of colors in Croatian will come in extremely helpful when you’re seeking for extra options in several merchandise your are planning to order. Learn More

As a result of this webpage, you can easily understand how to suggest the names of different colors in Croatian. We hope by examining and understanding the Croatian color chart down below, you are able to express most of the actual most important colours in Croatian.
Croatian Language Words

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Croatian Colours List

black crna (TSR-na)
white bijela (bee-YEH-lah)
gray siva (SEE-va)
red crvena (TSR-veh-nah)
pink ružičasta (ROO-zhee-chahs-tah)
blue plava (PLAH-vah)
yellow žuta (ZHOO-tah)
green zelena (ZEH-leh-nah)
orange narančasta (NAHR-arhn-chah-stah)
purple ljubičasta (LYOO-bee-chah-stah)
brown smeđa (SMEH-djah)

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