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Dealing With Authorities in Croatian Language

When you are going in Croatia or maybe any destination where they speak Croatian and you’re in an emergency situation, experiencing authorities such as the police in Croatian may be daunting. You will have to find out at the least the basic Croatian sentences for emergencies that may help you speak to your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Croatian Phrases For Emergencies

Croatian Language Words

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I didn't do it! Nisam to učinio(m)/ učinila(f). (NEE-sahm toh oo-CHEE-nee-oh/ oo-CHEE-nee-lah)
I didn't realize I was doing anything wrong? Nisam znao/znala da činim nešto nedopušteno? (NEE-sahm ZNAH-oh/ZNAH-lah dah CHEE-neem NEH-shtoh neh-doh-POO-shteh-noh?)
Why am I being arrested? Zašto sam uhićen/uhićena? (ZHAHSH-toh sahm oo-HEE-tchehn/oo-HEE-tcheh-nah?)
I didn't know it was a restricted area! Nisam znao/znala da je pristup zabranjen! (NEE-sahm ZHA-oh/ZNAH-lah dah yeh PREE-stoop zah-BRAH-nyehn)
Have I broken the law? Jesam li prekršio/prekršila zakon? (JEH-sahm lee preh-KUR-shee-oh/preh-KUR-shee-lah ZAH-kohn?)
Where are you taking me? Kamo me vodite? (KAH-moh meh VOH-dee-teh?)
Will I go to jail? Idem li u zatvor? (EE-dehm lee oo ZAHT-vohr?)
I wish to contact my embassy/consulate. Želim kontaktirati veleposlanstvo/konzulat. (ZHEH-leem kohn-tahk-TEE-rah-tee veh-leh-poh-SLAHN-stvoh/kohn-zoo-LAHT)

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