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About Months in Croatian Language

Recognizing just how to tell the months in Croatian is extremely valuable and normally be regarded as elementary Croatian dialect. We certainly have listed the months in Croatian language directly below that will help you pronounce the months in Croatian. Learn More

List of the Months in Croatian

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January siječanj (see-YEH-chany)
February veljača (VEH-lyah-chah)
March ožujak (OH-zhoo-yahk)
April travanj (TRAH-vahny)
May svibanj (SVEE-bahny)
June lipanj (LEE-pahny)
July srpanj (SR-pahny)
August kolovoz (KOH-loh-vohz)
September rujan (ROO-yahn)
October listopad (LEE-stoh-pahd)
November studeni (STOO-deh-nee)
December prosinac (PROH-see-nats)
Sometimes Croatians informally refer to the month as the first, second, third, etc, rather than its actual name.
1st prvi (PER-vee)
2nd drugi (DROO-gee)
3rd treći (TREH-chee)
4th četvrti (CHET-vhr-tee)
5th peti (PEHT-ee)
6th šesti (SHEH-stee)
7th sedmi (SED-mee)
8th osmi (OS-mee)
9th deveti (DEH-veh-tee)
10th deseti (DEH-set-ee)
11th jedanaesti (yeh-DAHN-ae-stee)
12th dvanaesti (DVAH-nae-stee)

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