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Common Signs in Croatian Language

Thinking to travel to a Croatian speaking area? Have you wondered if you will definitely get to understand the streets signs and symptoms in Croatian or perhaps the normal signs within an airport of your holiday? Learn More

Our normal signs when it comes to Croatian details renowned signs in public areas and general road signs in Croatia. It’s important to learn these signs prior to visiting a Croatian speaking region, because it can guide you whenever driving a vehicle or walking, help you in a serious event situation, or perhaps help make a person’s life simpler when ever touring Croatia or any other nation where people talk the Croatian language. More Info
Croatian Language Words

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List of Common Signs in Croatian Language

OPEN Otvoreno (OHT-voh-reh-noh)
CLOSED Zatvoreno (ZAHT-voh-reh-noh)
ENTRANCE Ulaz (OO-lahz)
EXIT Izlaz (EEZ-lahz)
PUSH Gurati (GOO-rah-tee)
PULL Povući (poh-VOO-chee)
TOILETS nužnik
MEN Muški (MOO-shkee)
WOMEN Ženski (ZHEN-skee)
FORBIDDEN Zabranjen (ZAH-bra-nyen)

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