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About Getting Directions in Croatian Language

As you are exploring in Croatia or any country in which people communicate in Croatian, have you learnt ways to get to your holiday location? Exploring in Croatian-speaking countries is often inspiring and amazing. Learn More

However, it is always good to know easy methods to ask recommendations in Croatian and to really know what you might be explained to. Croatian Phrases For Direction
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This Croatian expressions below will help you comprehend directions in Croatian.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Croatian

How do I get to _____ ? Kojim putem mogu stići do _____ ? (KOH-yeem POO-tehm MOH-goo STEE-chee doh)
...the train station? ...željezničkog kolodvora? (ZHEH-lyeh-znee-chkohg KOH-loh-dvoh-rah)
...the bus station? ...autobusnog kolodvora?, (AWH-toh-boos-nohg KOH-loh-dvoh-rah)
...the airport? ...zračne luke?; (ZRAH-chneh LOO-keh)
...downtown? ...središta/centra grada? (SREH-dee-shtah; TSEHN-trah GRAH-dah)
...the youth hostel? ...hostela mladeži ? (hohs-TEH-lah MLAH-deh-zhee)
...the _____ hotel? ..._____ hotela? (hoo-TEH-lah)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate? ...američkog/kanadskog/australskog/britanskog konzulata? (ah-MEH-ree-chkohg / KAH-nah-dskohg / AOO-strahl-skohg / BREE-tahn-skohg kohn-zoo-LAH-tah)
Where are there a lot of... Gdje se nalaze... (gdyeh seh- NAH-lah-zeh);
...hotels? ...hoteli? (hoh-TEH-lee)
...restaurants? ...restorani? (reh-stoh-RAH-nee)
...bars? ...barovi? (BAH-roh-vee)
...sites to see? ...znamenitosti? (znah-MEH-nee-toh-stee)
Can you show me on the map? Možete li mi pokazati na zemljovidu? (MOH-zheh-teh lee mee poh-KAH-zah-tee nah ZEH-mlyoh-vee-dooh)
street ulica (OOH-lee-tsah)
Turn left. Skrenite ulijevo. (SKREH-nee-teh OOH-lee-yevoh)
Turn right. Skrenite udesno. (SKREH-nee-teh OOH-deh-snoh)
left lijevo (lee-YEH-voh)
right desno (DEH-snoh)
straight ahead ravno (RAHV-noh)/pravo (PRAH-voh)
towards the _____ prema _____ (PREH-mah)
past the _____ pokraj _____ (POH-kray)
before the _____ prije _____ (PREE-yeh)
Watch for the _____. Potražite _____. (poh-TRAH-zhee-teh)
intersection raskrižje (RAH-skree-zhyeh)
north sjever (SYEH-vehr)
south jug (yoogh)
east istok (EEH-stohk)
west zapad (ZAH-padh)
uphill uzbrdo (OOHZ-br-doh)
downhill nizbrdo (NEEZ-br-doh)

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