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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Croatian Language

Leave me alone. Ostavite me na miru. (ohs-TAH-vee-teh meh nah MEE-roo)
Don't touch me! Ne diraj me! (neh-DEE-rye meh)
I'll call the police. Zvat ću policiju. (zvaht tchoo poh-LEE-tsyoo)
Police! Policija! (poh-LEE-tsyah!)
Stop! Thief! Stanite! (STAH-nee-teh!) Lopov! (LOH-pohv)
I need your help. Trebam vašu pomoć. (TREH-bahm VAH-shoo POH-mohtch)
It's an emergency. Hitno je. (HEET-noh yeh)
I'm lost. Izgubio [m] (eez-GOO-bee-yoh) izgubila (eez-GOO-bee-lah)[f] sam se. (sahm seh)
I lost my bag. Izgubio [m] (eez-GOO-bee-yoh) izgubila (eez-GOO-bee-lah)[f] sam torbu. (sahm TOHR-boo)
I lost my wallet. Izgubio (eez-GOO-bee-yoh) [m] izgubila (eez-GOO-bee-lah) [f] sam novčanik. (sahm nohv-chah-NEEK)
I'm sick. Bolestan [m] (BOH-lehs-tahn) / bolesna (BOH-lehs-nah)[f] sam. (sahm)
I've been injured. Povrijedio ["m"] (poh-vree-YEH-dyoh) /povrijedila ["f"] (poh-vree-YEH-dee-lah) sam se. (sahm seh)
I need a doctor. Treba mi doktor. (TREH-bah mee DOHK-tohr)
Can I use your phone? Mogu li se poslužiti telefonom? (MOH-goo lee seh pohs-LOO-zhee-tee teh-leh-FOH-nohm)

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