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Should you be in Croatia or a Croatian speaking nation, ever wondered how to tell the time in Croatian? Telling the actual time in Croatian is dependant on comprehending the Croatian numbers and certain guidelines with regards to the hours, minutes and seconds in Croatian. Learn More

In this particular web site, you’ll find out quickly the best way to reveal to the time in Croatian with all the subsequent words and phrases regarding:
Croatian Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Croatian Language

now sad (sahd)
later kasnije (KAHS-nee-yeh)
before prije (PREE-yeh) or after : nakon (NAH-kohn)
sunrise izlazak sunca (EEZ-lah-zahk SOON-tsah)
dawn zora (ZOH-rah)
morning jutro(YOO-troh)
noon podne (POH-dneh)
afternoon popodne (poh-POH-dneh)
evening večer (VEH-chehr)
sunset zalazak sunca (ZAH-lah-zahk SOON-tsah)
night noć (nohtch)
midnight ponoć (POH-nohtch)

Need to learn the best way to say eight o-clock in Croatian? Make use of the phrases down below to help you tell the existing time on the actual clock in Croatian.
one o'clock AM jedan sat ujutro (YEH-dahn saht oo-YOO-troh)
two o'clock AM dva sata ujutro (dvah SAH-tah oo-YOO-troh)
one o'clock PM jedan sat poslije podne (YEH-dahn saht POH-slee-yeh POH-dneh)
two o'clock PM dva sata poslije podne (dvah SAH-tah POH-slee-yeh POH-dneh)
six o'clock PM šest sati navečer (shehst SAH-tee NAH-veh-chehr)

Use the standard Croatian phrases to understand the time length such as a Year, Week and a Calendar month in Croatian language.
_____ minute(s) _____ minuta(e) (mee-NOO-tah/mee-NOO-teh)
_____ hour(s) _____ sat(a/i) (saht/SAH-tah/SAH-tee)
_____ day(s) _____ dan(a) (dahn/DAH-nah)
_____ week(s) _____ tjedan (tjedna/tjedana) (TYEH-dahn/TYEH-dnah/TYEH-dah-nah)
_____ month(s) _____ mjesec(a/i) (MYEH-sehts/MYEH-seh-tsah/myeh-SEH-tsee)
_____ year(s) _____ godina(e) (GOH-dee-nah/GOH-dee-neh)

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