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Learn How to Say Numbers in Croatian Language

Need to know tips on how to voice the actual contact numbers in Croatian? You might need to add up to Twelve in Croatian. We have listed both written pronunciations of methods to state typically the numbers when it comes to Croatian language. We can perhaps demonstrate the right way to say great amounts in Croatian comfortably. Learn More

List of Numbers in Croatian Language

We’ve all of the the Croatian numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you will want to study. More …

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To ensure counting the particular numbers in Croatian easier, we have categorised the numbers in to smaller sized sections. Each one of these internet pages feature a brief video tutorial you can enjoy to know the best pronunciation.
nula : (NOO-lah)
jedan (YEH-dahn)
dva (dvah)
tri (tree)
četiri (CHEH-tee-ree)
pet (peht)
šest (shehst)
sedam (SEH-dahm)
osam (OH-sahm)
devet (DEH-veht)
10 deset (DEH-seht)
11 jedanaest (yeh-DAH-nah-ehst)
12 dvanaest (DVAH-nah-ehst)
13 trinaest (TREE-nah-ehst)
14 četrnaest (cheh-TUHR-nah-ehst)
15 petnaest (PEHT-nah-ehst)
16 šesnaest (SHEHS-nah-ehst)
17 sedamnaest (seh-DAHM-nah-ehst)
18 osamnaest (oh-SAHM-nah-ehst)
19 devetnaest (deh-VEHT-nah-ehst)
20 dvadeset (DVAH-deh-seht)
21 dvadeset jedan (DVAH-deh-seht YEH-dahn)
22 dvadeset dva (DVAH-deh-seht dvah)
23 dvadeset tri (DVAH-deh-seht tree)
30 trideset (TREE-deh-seht)
40 četrdeset (chehtr-DEH-seht)
50 pedeset (peh-DEH-seht)
60 šezdeset (shehz-DEH-seht)
70 sedamdeset (seh-dahm-DEH-seht)
80 osamdeset (oh-sahm-DEH-seht)
90 devedeset (deh-veh-DEH-seht)
100 sto (stoh)
200 dvjesto (DVYEH-stoh)
300 tristo (TREE-stoh)
400 četristo (CHEH-tree-stoh)
500 petsto (PEHTS-toh)
600 šeststo (SHEH-stoh)
700 sedamsto (SEH-dahm-stoh)
800 osamsto (OH-sahm-stoh)
900 devetsto (DEH-vet-stoh)
1000 tisuću (TEE-soo-choo)
2000 dvije tisuće (dvyeh TEE-soo-tcheh)
1,000,000 milijun (MEE-lyoon)
1,000,000,000 one thousand million in UK, one billion in USA: milijarda (mee-lee-YAHR-dah)
1,000,000,000,000 one billion in UK, one trillion in USA: bilijun (bee-lee-YOON)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.) broj (broy)_____(vlak, autobus, itd.)
half pola (POH-lah)
less manje (MAH-nyeh)
more više (VEE-sheh)

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