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About Ordering Food in Croatian

Hungry? How to start ordering meals in Croatian? These are typically some of the inquiries you will have whenever going in a Croatian speaking country. Learn More

Regardless if you are about to live in a Croatian speaking country or intending on a short visit there, discovering how to order meals in Croatian is important. Eating out at Croatian eateries and bistros is usually a lot of fun, especially if you fully understand some fundamental Croatian restaurant words. More …
Croatian Language Words

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We have now listed various typical meal applicable words in Croatian, listed below, hoping they are able to guide you if you end up getting meals in Croatian.

Speaking Croatian When Eating Out

Just click here to know the Croatian meal words simply you can use when it comes to buying dinner in Croatian restaurants and cafes.

breakfast doručak (DOH-roo-chahk)
lunch ručak (ROO-chahk)
dinner/supper večera (VEH-cheh-rah)
snack užina (OO-zhee-nah)
glass (drinking glass) čaša (CHAH-shah)
cup šalica (SHAH-lee-tsah)
saucer tanjurić (tah-NYOO-reetch)
plate tanjur (tah-NYOOR)
bowl zdjela (ZDYEH-lah)
spoon žlica (ZHLEET-sah)
fork vilica (VEE-lee-tsah)
knife nož (nohzh)
mug vrč (vuhrch)
napkin salveta (sahl-VEH-tah)
A table for one person/two people, please. Molim Vas, stol za jednu osobu./ Molim Vas stol za dvije osobe. (MOH-leem vahs, stohl zah YEHD-noo OH-soh-boo./ MOH-leem vahs stohl zah DEE-vyeh OH-soh-beh)
Can I look at the menu, please? Mogu li pogledati jelovnik? (MOH-goo lee poh-GLEH-dah-tee yeh-lohv-NEEK?)
Can I look in the kitchen? Mogu li pogledati kuhinju? (MOH-goo lee poh-GLEH-dah-tee KOO-hee-nyoo?)
Is there a house specialty? Imate li specijalitet kuće? (EE-mah-teh lee speh-tsyah-lee-TEHT KOO-tcheh?)
Is there a local specialty? Poslužujete li lokalni specijalitet? (pohs-LOO-zhoo-yeh-teh lee LOH-kahl-nee speh-tsyah-lee-TEHT?)
I'm a vegetarian. Ja sam vegetarijanac/vegetarijanka. (yah sahm veh-geh-tah-ree-YAH-nahts/ veh-geh-tah-ree-YAHN-kah)
I don't eat pork. Ne jedem svinjetinu. (neh YEH-dehm SVEE-nyeh-tee-noo)
I don't eat beef. Ne jedem govedinu. (neh YEH-dehm GOH-veh-dee-noo)
I only ; supper Ja samo; večeru (yah SAH-moh VEH-cheh-roo)
I want _____. Želim _____. (ZHEH-leem)
I want a dish containing _____. Želim jelo s _____. (ZHEH-leem YEH-loh hs)
chicken piletinom/ piletina (PEE-leh-tee-nohm/ PEE-leh-tee-nah)
beef govedinom/ govedina (GOH-veh-dee-nohm/ GOH-veh-dee-nah)
fish ribom/ riba (REE-bohm/ REE-bah)
ham šunkom/ šunka (SHOON-kohm/ SHOON-kah)
sausage kobasicom/ kobasica (koh-BAH-see-tsohm/ koh-BAH-see-tsah)
cheese sirom/ sir (SEE-rohm/ seer)
eggs jajima/jaja (YAH-yee-mah/ YAH-yah)
salad salatom/ salata (sah-LAH-tohm/ sah-LAH-tah)
(fresh) vegetables (svježim) povrćem (svee-YEH-zheem POHV-rh-tchehm)
(fresh) fruit (svježim) voćem (SVYEH-zheem VOH-tchehm)
bread kruhom/ kruh (KROO-hohm/ krooh)
toast tostom/ tost (TOHS-tohm/ tohst)
noodles rezancima/ rezanci (REH-zahn-tsee-mah/REH-zahn-tsee)
rice rižom/ riža (REE-zhohm/ REE-zhah)
beans grahom/grah (GRAH-hohm/ grahh)
May I have a glass of _____? Mogu li dobiti čašu _____? (MOH-goo lee DOH-bee-tee CHAH-shoo)
May I have a cup of _____? Mogu li dobiti šalicu _____? (MOH-goo lee DOH-bee-tee SHAH-lee-tsoo)
May I have a bottle of _____? Mogu li dobiti bocu _____? (MOH-goo lee DOH-bee-tee BOH-tsoo)
coffee kave (KAH-veh)
tea (drink) čaja (chaia)
juice soka (SOH-kah)
(bubbly) water mineralne vode (MEE-neh-rahl-neh VOH-deh)
water vode (VOH-deh)
beer piva (PEE-vah)
red/white wine crnog/bijelog vina (TSER-nohg/BYEH-lohg VEE-nah)
May I have some _____? Mogu li dobiti malo _____? (MOH-goo lee DOH-bee-tee MAH-loh)
salt soli (SOH-lee)
black pepper papra (PAH-prah)
butter maslaca (MAHS-lah-tsah)
Excuse me, waiter/waitress? (getting attention of server)Oprostite, Konobar (m) Konobarica (f)! (oh-PROHS-tee-teh, KOH-noh-bahr/ koh-noh-BAR-ree-tsah)
I'm finished. Završio sam. (ZAHVR-shee-oh sahm)
It was delicious. Bilo je ukusno. (BEE-loh yeh OO-koos-noh)
Please clear the plates. Molim vas, odnesite tanjure. (MOH-leem vahs, ohd-NEH-see-teh tah-NYOO-reh)
The check, please. Račun, molim. (RAH-choon, MOH-leem)

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