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Ordering Drinks in Croatian Bar

When inside of a Croatian speaking country and you have to get a beverage at a bar or maybe a shop. It’s great to understand numerous Croatian terms to buy beverages. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Croatian Language

Dehydrated in Croatia or maybe in a place where people talk the Croatian language? We have outlined important Croatian sentences to purchase drinks in Croatian language.

Croatian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol? Poslužujete li alkoholna pića? (pohs-LOO-zhooyeh-teh lee AHL-koh-hol-nah PEE-tchah)
A beer/two beers, please. Jedno pivo / dva piva, molim. (YEHD-noo PEE-voh / dvah PEE-vah, MOH-leem)
A glass of red/white wine, please. Molim Vas čašu crnog/bijelog vina. (MOH-leem vahs CHAH-shoo TSUHR-nohg/BYEH-lohg VEE-nah)
A pint, please. Jednu kriglu, molim. (YEHD-noo KREE-gloo, MOH-leem)
A bottle, please. Jednu bocu, molim. (YEHD-noo BOH-tsoo, MOH-leem)
whiskey viski(VEES-kee)
vodka votka (VOHT-kah)
rhum rum (room)
water voda (VOH-dah)
club soda klub soda (kloob SOH-dah)
tonic water tonik voda (TOH-neek VOH-dah)
orange juice sok od naranče (sohk ohd NAH-rahn-cheh)
soda pop gazirani napitak (gah-ZEE-rah-nee nah-PEE-tahk)
One more, please. Još jedno, molim. (yohsh YEHD-noh, MOH-leem)
Another round, please. Još jednu rundu, molim. (yohsh YEHD-noo ROON-doo, MOH-leem)
When is closing time? Kada zatvarate? (KAH-dah zaht-VAH-rah-teh)

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