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About the Colours in Serbian

When you are planning to go on a shopping spree in Serbia or a Serbian speaking country, don’t forget to master the colours in Serbian language. The names of colors in Serbian comes in very practical when you are searching for additional options in a number of goods your are contemplating to get. Learn More

On this particular web content, you can certainly learn how to reveal the names of numerous colours in Serbian. We trust by looking at and understanding the Serbian colour chart below, you’ll be able to determine many of the primary colors in Serbian.
Serbian Language Words

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Serbian Colours List

blackцрно. crno (TSEHR-noh)
whiteбело. belo (BEH-loh)
grayсиво. sivo (SEE-voh)
redцрвено. crveno (tsehr-VEH-noh)
blueплаво. plavo (PLAH-voh)
yellowжуто. žuto (ZHOO-toh)
greenзелено. zeleno (zeh-LEH-noh)
orangeнаранџасто. narandžasto (NAH-rahn-jahs-toh)
purpleљубичасто. ljubičasto (LYOO-bee-chahs-toh)
brownсмеђе. smeđe (SMEH-jeh)

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