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Ordering Drinks in Serbian Bar

While inside of a Serbian speaking country and you require to obtain a refreshment at a bar or maybe a shop. It is great to understand quite a few Serbian key phrases to buy beverages. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Serbian Language

Thirsty in Serbia or maybe in a place where people talk the Serbian language? We now have outlined useful Serbian sentences to buy refreshments in Serbian language.

Serbian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Служите ли алкохолна пића? Služite li alkoholna pića? (SLOO-zhee-teh lee AHL-koh-khohl-nah PEE-tchah?)
A beer/two beers, please.Једно пиво/два пива, молим. Jedno pivo/dva piva, molim. (YEHD-noh PEE-voh/ dvah PEE-vah, MOH-leem)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Чашу црног/белог вина, молим. Čašu crnog/belog vina, molim. (CHAH-shoo TSEHR-nohg/ BEH-lohg VEE-nah, MOH-leem)
whiskeyвиски viski (VEES-kee)
vodkaвотка votka (VOHT-kah)
rumрум rum (room)
waterвода voda (VOH-dah)
tonic waterтоник tonik (TOH-neek)
orange juiceђус đus (joos)
Coke (soda)кола kola (KOH-lah)
One more, please.Још једно, молим. Još jedno, molim. (yohsh YEHD-noh, MOH-leem)
Another round, please.Још једну туру, молим. Još jednu turu, molim. (yohsh YEHD-noo TOO-roo, MOH-leem)
When is closing time?Када затварате? Kada zatvarate? (KAH-dah ZAHT-vah-rah-teh?)
Cheers!Живели! Živeli! (ZHEE-veh-lee!)

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