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Common Signs in Serbian Language

Thinking to visit a Serbian speaking place? Have you asked yourself if you are going to be able to understand the highway signs in Serbian or even the typical signs within an airport of your holiday? Learn More

Some of our typical signs in Serbian displays popular signs in public places and typical streets signs or symptoms throughout Serbia. It is vital to get acquainted with a majority of these signage before you visit a Serbian speaking place, because it can help you when driving a car or taking walks, help you in an urgent situation situation, or even just help make your life a lot easier when touring Serbia as well as other place where they speak the Serbian language. More Info
Serbian Language Words

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List of Common Signs in Serbian Language

OPENотворено otvoreno (oht-voh-REH-noh)
CLOSEDзатворено zatvoreno (zaht-voh-REH-noh)
ENTRANCEулаз ulaz (OO-lahz)
EXITизлаз izlaz (EEZ-lahz)
PUSHгурај guraj (GOO-rai)
PULLвуци vuci (VOO-tsee)
TOILETтоалет toalet (TWAH-leht) WC (VEHT TSEH)
MENмушкарци muškarci (moosh-KAHR-tsee)
WOMENжене žene (ZHEH-neh)
FORBIDDENзабрањено zabranjeno (ZAH-brah-nyeh-noh)

Select the links below to see a list of beneficial Serbian travel words which are arranged by theme. For every holiday word or phrase in Serbian, you will find the English translation.

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