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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Serbian Language

Want to find out the right way to voice the telephone numbers in Serbian? You might like to count up to Ten in Serbian. We have now provided each written pronunciations of ways to state the figures in Serbian language. We’re able to even show you how to tell you large numbers in Serbian easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Serbian Language

We have now all the Serbian numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, underneath that you will want to study. More …

Serbian Language Words

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To ensure counting the particular numbers found in Serbian simpler for you, we now have split up the numbers in to smaller portions. Every one of these webpages include a quick video tutorial you can enjoy to master the correct pronunciation.
0нула, nula (NOO-lah)
1један, jedan (YEH-dahn)
2два, dva (dvah)
3три, tri (tree)
4четири, četiri (CHEH-tee-ree)
5пет, pet (peht)
6шест, šest (shehst)
7седам, sedam (SEH-dahm)
8осам, osam (OH-sahm)
9девет, devet (DEH-veht)
10десет, deset (DEH-seht)
11једанаест, jedanaest (yee-DAH-nah-ehst)
12дванаест, dvanaest (DVAH-nah-ehst)
13тринаест, trinaest (TREE-nah-ehst)
14четрнаест, četrnaest (cheh-TEHR-nah-ehst)
15петнаест, petnaest (PEHT-nah-ehst)
16шеснаест, šesnaest (SHEHS-nah-ehst)
17седамнаест, sedamnaest (seh-DAHM-nah-ehst)
18осамнаест, osamnaest (oh-SAHM-nah-ehst)
19деветнаест, devetnaest (deh-VEHT-nah-ehst)
20двадесет, dvadeset (DVAH-deh-seht)
21двадесет један, dvadeset jedan (DVAH-deh-seht YEH-dahn)
22двадесет два, dvadeset dva (DVAH-deh-seht dvah)
23двадесет три, dvadeset tri (DVAH-deh-seht tree)
30тридесет, trideset (TREE-deh-seht)
40четрдесет, četrdeset (cheh-tuhr-DEH-seht)
50педесет, pedeset (peh-DEH-seht)
60шездесет, šezdeset (shehz-DEH-seht)
70седамдесет, sedamdeset (seh-dahm-DEH-seht)
80осамдесет, osamdeset (oh-sahm-DEH-seht)
90деведесет, devedeset (deh-veh-DEH-seht)
100сто, sto (stoh)
200двеста, dvesta (DVEH-stah)
300триста, trista (TREES-tah)
400четристо, četristo (CHEH-trees-toh)
500петсто, petsto (PEHTS-toh)
600шестсто, šeststo (SHEHST-stoh)
700седамсто, sedamsto (SEH-dahms-toh)
800осамсто, osamsto (OH-sahms-toh)
900деветсто devetsto (DEH-vehts-toh)
1000хиљаду, hiljadu (HEE-lyah-doo)
2000две хиљадe, dve hiljade (dveh HEE-lyah-deh)
1,000,000милион, milion (mee-LY-ohn)
1,000,000,000милијарда, milijarda - one thousand million in UK, one billion in USA(mee-LYAHR-dah)
1,000,000,000,000билион, bilion - one billion in UK, one trillion in USA (bee-LY-ohn)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)број _____ broj _____ (broy)
halfпола, pola (POH-lah)
lessмање, manje (MAH-nyeh)
moreвише, više (VEE-sheh)

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