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About Months in Serbian Language

Recognizing the way to inform the months in Serbian is very helpful and commonly be treated as basic Serbian dialect. We have stated the actual months in Serbian language under that may help you pronounce the months in Serbian. Learn More

List of the Months in Serbian

Serbian Language Words

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Januaryјануар. januar (YAH-nwahr)
Februaryфебруар. februar (FEH-brwahr)
Marchмарт. mart (mahrt)
Aprilаприл. april (AH-preel)
Mayмај. maj (mah-ee)
Juneјун. jun (yoon)
Julyјул. jul (yool)
Augustавгуст. avgust (AHV-goost)
Septemberсептембар. septembar (sehp-TEHM-bahr)
Octoberоктобар. oktobar (ohk-TOH-bahr)
Novemberновембар. novembar (noh-VEHM-bahr)
Decemberдецембар. decembar (deh-TSEHM-bahr)
Names of months aren't capitalized.

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